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Updated 16 March 2020

HRNZ Events and COVID-19


HRNZ has been monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation closely and is reviewing upcoming HRNZ events with the aim to protect all members, attendees, presenters and HRNZ employees by making prudent and responsible decisions around health and safety at all HRNZ events.

Whilst not overreacting, HRNZ is planning for the expected impact and uncertainty of COVID-19 with a responsible and pragmatic response which includes ongoing and updated advice from the Ministry of Health and other experts.

HRNZ values our members, and our priority during this progressing situation is the health and safety of all attendees at HRNZ events, and we want to ensure that you are confident that we have taken all appropriate steps to keep you as safe as possible whilst encouraging you to continue to enjoy our events and professional development opportunities.

This policy will be available on our website and linked to all information on events and professional development courses.


Effective immediately, we are putting in place a number of precautionary measures at all HRNZ events.

These include:

  • All HRNZ events with an expected attendance of over 100 are to be put on hold until further notice.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the situation will determine the impact of each planned event by completing a thorough risk assessment before deciding to proceed with, restrict, modify, postpone or cancel an event by considering:
    • The latest advice by the Ministry of Health
    • Whether the people attending the event may have been exposed or infected with the virus and the risk this might pose to others
    • The characteristics of the event, ie number or people expected, accommodation arrangement, duration
  • Conditions of Entry:

We will be asking event registrants who have travelled to any of the high-risk countries (China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Republic of Korea, Japan as at present) within the last 14 days not to attend the event.

We will also request that any event registrant who has travelled overseas recently, to confirm that they have complied with any applicable government guidelines on self-isolation.

This is for the health and well-being of all guests, attendees, presenters and staff.

We will provide presenters and organisers on the day with a copy of this policy and what to do if they require assistance.

  • During events:
    • Should an attendee arrive at an event looking unwell or presenting any symptoms of cold or flu, we will respectfully request that they do not attend in order to protect others
    • Attendees will be briefed on the importance of practicing good hygiene and posters/signage on hygiene practices will be displayed prominently near food preparation areas and toilets
    • Hand sanitiser*/soap will be available on arrival
    • Good hygiene principles will be reinforced, including hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes
    • Physical contact, eg hand shaking, will be discouraged
    • Our venues will accommodate recommended levels of social distancing
    • Adequate equipment and/or facilities will be available to support good hygiene practices, eg soap/hand sanitizer*, tissues, rubbish bins
    • Caterers of events will be encouraged to be extra vigilant with hand hygiene and they will not work if they feel unwell
    • If any attendee feels unwell they are encouraged to notify the HRNZ representative or presenter

Tracking Attendance

If an individual who attended an HRNZ event is subsequently tested positive for COVID-19, we must be in a position where we can immediately provide health officials with an accurate record of every person who attended that event.

Most attendees are registered through our registration system, however it is essential that we record all attendees rather than just those who registered.

We will therefore ensure we capture information on all registered attendees; the name and email address of those who attended but hadn’t registered; and record those who were registered but didn’t attend.

*Sourcing hand sanitiser is currently problematic.  HRNZ will do there best to ensure hand sanitiser is available at all events, however if this is unavailable, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is encouraged as an alternative.

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