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ACADEMIC BRANCH: Sustainability and HR: Looking towards the future

Globally, we face a number of unprecedented contemporary social and environmental challenges. These include changes to climates, the depletion of natural resources, increasing levels of air, water, and land pollution, as well as growth in poverty and inequality. To remain competitive, organisations need to respond to these challenges and HRM, as a profession, has an important role to play in this endeavour. This role might see HR professionals adopt a proactive stance towards the design and development of approaches, policies, and practices that promote and support sustainability. In doing so opportunities are created for HR professionals to contribute positively towards desirable outcomes benefiting shareholders, the workforce, as well as the community.

During this webinar we will describe the core characteristics and key objectives of a Sustainable HRM approach and how Sustainable HRM can be operationalised by sharing HR practitioners’ experiences of their enactment of a sustainable HRM agenda in their organisation. It will be a panel discussion with Nataliya and Fiona from the University of Otago and Anca from The Garage Project. The Q&A will be facilitated by Deepika.

About our Presenters

Dr. Nataliya Podgorodnichenko (The University of Otago)

Nataliya Podgorodnichenko is a Lecturer in DBA programme at the Otago Business School, University of Otago. Her primary research interests include corporate social responsibility, sustainability, human resource management, sustainable and green human resource management, and lean thinking. She has published in Production Planning and Control, Human Resource Management Review, Health Policy, and Employee Relations.

Dr. Fiona Edgar (The University of Otago)

Fiona Edgar (PhD) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management, at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. She teaches strategic human resource management (HRM) and is widely published in the HRM area. Her current research interests include HRM and, in particular, how this impacts on employees in the workplace, as well as the relationship between HRM and organisational performance.

Anca Miller (Garage Project)

Anca: Over her 10 year career in HR, Anca has held various consulting roles within top agencies such as Humankind and Employsure, as well as internal roles within rapidly growing Kiwi businesses Wellington Hospitality Group and Garage Project. Anca believes HR professionals must aspire to become leaders and ambassadors for the modern workforce and a trusted, practical and knowledgeable sounding board to business leaders. Anca will speak about her approach to sustainability in various organisations and how HR can influence a culture where this concept is embraced, innovation is encouraged and sustainability is seen as a whole-team effort.

Leeanne Carson-Hughes (ARA Institute)

Leeanne is a highly experienced Executive leader of People and Safety teams in a number of New Zealand organisations. Leeanne is currently covering the Deputy Chief Executive role (People & Safety) at ARA Institute after recently finishing up 4 years at Citycare (a national infrastructure maintenance company) where she led a range of functions including HR, technology, crisis management and business sustainability. Leeanne is a Chartered Fellow with HRNZ, a past Canterbury Branch president and a past HRNZ Board member.

Facilitator: Dr. Deepika Jindal (The University of Auckland).

Deepika Jindal (PhD) is an academic at the University of Auckland Business School and teaches human resource management and strategic management. She is currently the President of the Academic Branch of HRNZ.

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