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AUCKLAND: Integrating Te Ao and Te Reo Māori at work

Recent studies have suggested that the adoption of Te Reo and Te Ao in organisations result in noticeable benefits to employee engagement and experience as well as financial benefits to the organisations.

How do organisations embark on this journey and how do they do it in a way that is authentic and genuine and not window dressing? What impact does this have on HR practice and what role can we play to start and enhance the journey?

There will be a panel discussion with Jo McNaughton from Heartland Bank, Dan Walker from Microsoft and Haylee Putaranui from Fonterra.

We will look at:

☑️ What those first steps look like and how this has progressed.

☑️ What are some of the tangible impacts that the journey has provided the people and organisations

☑️ What have been some of the hurdles that have had to be overcome.

☑️ What processes, practices, development and learning programmes have been put in place

☑️ Where have people been able to draw resources, learning and insight from?

☑️ What are some of the benefits to the people and organisations that embracing Maoritanga have had?

️☑️ Finally, what does the future look like?

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