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AUCKLAND SOUTH : The power of plain language at work

Write’s a plain language consultancy. We help organisations use clear communication to achieve their business and strategic goals.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve seen compelling evidence of the link between an organisation’s writing style and its success. And we’ve helped clients build their writing capability and change and their writing culture for the better.

Join us for a conversation about how clear, concise, human-centred writing can help deliver results for you and your business.

We’d love to share some insights with you

We’ll focus on the kinds of documents that HR professionals need to write – policies, contracts, reports, emails to clients and colleagues…

We’ll talk about how using clear communication and plain language will help you succeed. Every piece of writing has a job to do. And each piece can enhance or erode your brand, help make you money or cost you money, engage your clients or put them off.

And we’ll take you through some examples and practical exercises to show you how you can get started with plain language and reap its rewards.

You’ll also have the opportunity to register for a plain language workshop with Write. We’ll have a special pricing offer for HRNZ members. The practical workshop will focus on the sorts of documents you need to write, and will cover the key principles for writing clearly at work. We’ll look at how writing clearly contributes to the success of the work you do.

A Zoom link and joining instructions will be sent the day prior to the event.

About our Presenters Colleen Trolove & Penny de Borst of Write Limited:

Our presenter, Colleen Trolove, is a plain language consultant and trainer at Write.

Colleen trains people at all levels, covering the full suite of Write’s workshops. She works with many New Zealand organisations in the public and private sectors.

Colleen believes in delivering training that transforms the way workshop participants think about their writing. Their changed attitude translates into documents that are clear and purposeful. She enjoys seeing participants write more effectively by the end of a workshop — and hearing that they really enjoyed themselves as they learned.

Penny de Borst is Head of Brand and Partnerships at Write.

For Penny, plain language is about fostering trust and reaping its benefits. ‘When an organisation communicates with clarity, its customers can feel a sense of trust, because they’re hearing a language they understand.’ That trust leads to measurable commercial benefits, she says — a better bottom line, better customer relations, and a better reputation.

Penny works with New Zealand-based and international clients who have larger projects in mind. She helps them to change their communication culture across teams and whole organisations.

About Write

Write is a plain language consultancy. We help businesses and organisations achieve their strategic goals through clear and efficient communication. We can design and deliver training that addresses the specific needs of your writers. We also provide a full range of document services including consulting and advice, project management, writing and editing.

Over the years, we’ve produced compelling evidence of the link between an organisation’s writing style and its ultimate success. And we’ve developed techniques to help our clients change their writing culture for the better.

Our people are trusted advisors, writers, editors, plain-language trainers and coaches — and experts on the techniques and real-world benefits of plain language. We’re used to helping clients clear up complex information.

In an average year, our team edits or create millions of words, and runs 500 workshops that help nearly 6,000 people get better results from their writing.

We’re a certified B Corp

B Corp certification is a worldwide programme for organisations that choose to use business as a force for good. Being a B Corp is about trust, transparency, and social responsibility. It’s about doing the right thing for all stakeholders — clients, team members, suppliers, and community. And for us at Write, it’s about consistently finding ways to live up to our tagline ‘Using the power of words for good’.

Cancellations and Refunds

To receive a full refund cancellations must be received by HRNZ by email to [email protected] two working days before the day of the event.

Cancellations after this time and/or 'no shows' on the day will be payable in full.

Appropriate substitutions are welcome - please email [email protected] with their details.