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NORTHLAND ONLINE: Leading our people through change

About our Presenter

Joanne Ashby a Human Resources and OD consultant who has worked across a wide range of industries. Over the years she has worked in NZ, Hong Kong, the UK and Australia. She is the owner of a business called Purpose Built Careers which specialises in Executive Search and Recruitment, Executive Coaching and Career Management. The premise of Joanne’s leadership and coaching model when working with individuals and organisations is to lift and shift thinking. This is achieved using processes which raise self-awareness so that individuals can identify their own opportunities for growth as leaders. Self-reflection and self-recognition deepen commitment to change.Central to Joanne’s ethos is manaakitanga. Demonstrating respect and preserving mana for all people during a time of change and growth fosters a healthier, more collaborative approach and contributes to building trust.As a parent of two teenage children, Joanne also specialises in taxi driving, cooking, nursing, psychology and repeating herself endlessly.