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TARANAKI: Dealing with Low Level Performance Issues

How many times have you had to manage a disciplinary process only to find that this behaviour has been happening for 20 years. While people may have spoken to the person no one has ever made a note about it and the person has been marked as ‘competent’ (and yes probably ‘exceeds expectations’) in every single performance review over those 20 years.

Attending and managing a disciplinary process as a manager or HR practitioner can be a daunting prospect.

- What are the expectations of your role -v- the manager/team leader role in relation to dealing with low level performance issues?

- What are the two subsections of performance?

- What are the signs that you have a low-level performance issue?

- What are the underpinning reasons for poor performance?

During the disciplinary process:

- What to say and do when you give low-level performance feedback and it all turns to custard.

- Why you should make a note of giving feedback even when it was really low-level feedback.

- Basic process to use when managing a low-level performance issue.

- Scenarios – together you will work through three scenarios following a basic process. This will include anticipating likely responses and developing phrases to use to respond to those responses.

- Where to from here?


Think of a couple of relatively low-level performance management issues that one of your managers needs to deal with as part of their role. Don’t worry if the behaviour is on-going and has been happening for years or happened for the first time yesterday.

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