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WAIKATO : Building Relationships to Enhance Performance

Meaningful engagement between staff members and their people leaders has never been more important than now – think about working from home, stress, balance and ‘The Great Resignation’.

Performance can’t just be demanded or expected. It’s the result of an investment by the organisation and people leaders in individuals, systems and processes where the outcome is trust and commitment. And where the by-product of this investment is individual and team performance.

In this session Meredith will engage in a dialogue with you on what she’s found makes the difference for people, organisations and performance, sharing the tools and strategies she uses to drive engagement and high performance in her client organisations.

Doors open at 5.00pm, with Meredith speaking from 5.30pm – we hope to see you there!

About our Speaker Meredith Osmond (Director; Thought Partners)

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Attending this event

At the Orange alert level masks are not required in the event space itself, but the wearing of masks is preferred in the common areas e.g. foyer, bathrooms.