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About our Presenter Jenny Antunovich, General Manager – People and Capability, Whangarei District Council

After 35 years in the human resources Jenny Antunovich is seeing things happening in the Human Resources industry that she has longed for all her professional life.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Psychology and a passion for positive psychology, she first worked in HR for a freezing works. Following that, time overseas, and experiencing the tumultuous times of the 80s and 90s redundancies, she arrived at the New Zealand Refining Company in Whangarei. Joining Whangarei District Council’s HR Department in 2000, she is now the organisation’s General Manager People and Capability.

Throughout, her belief that feelings are enormously important, that HR is about nurturing people’s wellbeing, making a difference in their day to day work experience and caring for them has not only been unshaken, it has grown. Now, she believes, organisations are starting to embrace this view as never before.

She says, ”I am so delighted that I am getting to witness this during my career. People are everything, and the environments HR professionals create are important. We have a place and we are coming into our own.”