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WAIKATO BRANCH: Nudge Conversations with Linda Hutchings

Join Waikato Branch and Linda Hutchings as we talk about THOSE conversations around poor performance or bad behaviours.

Nudge Conversations!

Ah yes, those conversations! You know the ones, when you see a team member’s performance or behaviour drop below the line. It is easy to think maybe if I just wait… surely they will improve and things will get better. And while we are waiting, hoping and wishing for miracles, the team member’s performance or behaviour is continuing down the slippery slope towards a far more formal conversation!

If ignored, minor performance or behavioural issues in the workplace can become more serious. We know we should say something and we probably know that the earlier we say something the better. And we definitely know that we shouldn’t leave it until it’s been going on for weeks or even months! But knowing what we should do and actually doing it are two entirely different things!

Few of us love raising a performance or behavioural issue with a team member. These can be tricky conversations for sure! Sometimes our fear of saying the wrong thing stops us saying anything. More often or not we don’t know what to say, when to say it and even how to say it. If you found yourself nodding while reading this, then this is the session for you!

Linda has spent over 25 years working out how to have these conversations – early! In this highly practical session she outlines a range of strategies that you can use to nudge team members back in the right direction.

About our Presenter Lynda Hutchings

An avid reader of non-fiction, a self-confessed shoe fanatic and lover of all things goat, Linda is also one of New Zealand’s most respected adult educators. She has run a very successful training business for over 20 years working within the Health, Education and Local Government sectors throughout New Zealand. Over this time she has gained a reputation as the ‘trainer’s trainer’, and has been equally in demand as a speaker and mentor.

In addition to running her own practice, she has been involved in Thought Leaders Business School in Australia, firstly as a student from 2014, then as an Accredited Mentor on Faculty since 2016. In February 2020 she was appointed Head of Faculty and in this role she provides professional leadership for faculty colleagues, while still supporting aspiring leaders through individual mentoring, practice review and feedback


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