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WELLINGTON: Harnessing the Power of Junior Talent in the Workforce

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  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
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    Regional events

  • Region: Wellington
  • Venue: The Sandbox, PWC

The HRNZ Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) Branch are excited to announce a partnership event with PwC.

The HRNZ Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) Branch are excited to announce a partnership event with PwC.

Diverse market leading experts on junior talent strategy will lead an interactive conversation with attendees on harnessing the unique expectations and contributions of young people in the workplace during a time of rapid change and significant technological advancement.

Please join us for a 5pm start followed by drinks and nibbles at the end of the presentation.

About our Presenters and Panelists

Siobhan Warren, Xero – Keynote Speaker - Global Graduate Experience Manager

“I’m absolutely passionate about this space - giving people their first chance in their careers and making sure it’s an amazing start for them is hugely rewarding. I can see the positive outcomes of the work we do - for the students who come through the programs, the ROI for the business, and from a wider community/ social impact perspective, being able to have a positive effect on youth employment rates as well.”

Andy Bowie, Uber Eats NZ - Panelist - New Zealand Country Manager

“I strongly believe that work should fit into your life, not life fit into work, which I think is very in line with the view of the new generation work force. We now have the technology to enable that, and if businesses embrace it, it will lead to better results for all parties.”

Nicholas Lane, Raygun - Panelist - Associate Product Manager Raygun

“As a young person who’s made the leap from education to industry, I’m excited to learn of the innovative ways in which we’re harnessing the motivation and potential of the young people coming through to build diverse, thriving organizations.”

Silvia Zuur, PwC - Panelist - Director, Experience Centre

“I think a lot of assumptions get made about the future and about young people. Additionally, I think the structures of the majority of our organisations have been built for the 20th century. We need to update our operating system, our society, that empowers all people through the ways that they work.”


This is a complimentary event for HRNZ Members, Students and Non Members

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