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WEBINAR: Cultivating a Growth Mindset

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This webinar will help you develop a growth mindset, which is the capacity to see yourself and others as lifetime learners

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Your mindset influences your success in achieving your goals both personally and professionally. Everyone can develop a Growth Mindset which is the capacity to see yourself and others as lifetime learners. In this inspiring and practical session, you will discover how the more you practice a growth mindset and recognize your unique power to make conscious empowering choices in life, the more difference you can make to your own and other people’s performance, development and wellbeing.

By participating in this inspiring and practical session, you will be able to:

  • Identify fixed, and growth mindset thoughts and behaviours in relation to your abilities, efforts, approach to challenges, obstacles and criticism, that may be limiting or promoting your success at work and life.
  • Define the characteristics and common misconceptions of a growth mindset.
  • Implement four steps to foster and maintain growth mindset thoughts in yourself and others.

Facilitated by Melanie Weir - The Langley Group

The Langley Group is a leading consulting and people development company. We work with organisations in New Zealand, Australia and around the world to build better leaders, engage people, optimise performance and leverage talent.

We apply positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to get the best from people and organisations, inspiring them to make positive changes that are sustainable over time. Our team live and breathe this approach, synthesising science into simple tools anyone can use.

We bring learning to life with experiential activities and tangible techniques people can apply every day at work to achieve results. Our positive, scientific approach challenges people to think differently and primes them to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their organisation. We focus on building a positive culture that drives engagement and performance, equipping people and organisations with the foundational abilities to succeed and thrive.

Melanie Weir is passionate about growing the capability, wellbeing, and strength of people and business. With significant experience in corporate and non-profit environments, working with a broad range of cliental in health, education, construction, agriculture, information services and retail, Melanie has an innate ability to maintain commercial perspective whilst offering innovative people based solutions, that increase positive engagement, wellbeing strategies and performance.

Clients describe Melanie as having strategic awareness, being a report builder, authentic listener and engaging facilitator. Melanie has real zest for providing professional, innovative and simple tools that bring out the best in people and teams. Tools that take an intentionally positive, strengths-based approach to HR.

Melanie has a Bachelor in Business Studies majoring in Human Resource Management and Marketing, a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and has completed further postgraduate education in organisational psychology and public relations. Completing business management programs like ICEHOUSE managers programme and Monash Retail Managers programme contributes to a practical results driven approach. Mel is also accredited to facilitate training focused on teamwork and capability, including Strengths Profile, Think One Team, Human Instincts and CEB’s competency tools.

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Registrations close 10:00am the day of the webinar.