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WEBINAR (free for HRNZ Members): Supporting Employees with Dyslexia

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This personal development webinar for HR professionals will cover the nature of learning differences like dyslexia.

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This webinar covers the nature of learning differences like dyslexia. It covers both the challenges and the special talents that dyslexic people often demonstrate. It also covers the latest findings about how best to support staff with dyslexia to get the most from them. With the correct support staff with dyslexia could be your most talented staff members.

Attendees will learn about the 10% of the workforce who have been misunderstood and often sidelined from success because of their challenges with text. Participants will come away with a set of tools to better manage a key part of the workforce

Presented by Mike Styles, Primary Industry Training Organisation

Mike Styles in the National Specialist Literacy and Numeracy for the Primary Industry Training Organisation and an authority on dyslexia in adults. He has led national research projects into how to best support adults with dyslexia in education, training and the workplace and has resented the findings in conferences in the United Kingdom Europe and Australia. Mike is currently contracted to Ako Aotearoa to develop a quality mark for dyslexia support in tertiary education institutions.

The Primary Industry Training Organisation is the ITO responsible for setting standards and arranging training for the primary industry workforce. The Primary ITO won the Diversibility award in 2018 at the Diversity Works Awards.

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