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CANTERBURY: Developing EI in the Age of AI

The future of work is going to demand new ways of thinking, and human-centred skills are going to be key for thriving in work environments dominated by artificial intelligence (AI).

Whilst machines can be thought to do certain tasks more efficiently and even more effectively than people, there are certain things machines cannot replace. The most important among them is a meaningful human connection.

Indeed, in this age of AI, many experts believe that emotional intelligence (EI) will become an essential capability. A person's ability to be aware of, reason with, express, and manage their own emotions as well as being able to positively influence the emotions of others makes it easier for employees to think creatively, innovate, and contribute to the growth of the organisation.

This session will enhance your knowledge of the latest approaches to assessing and developing Emotional Intelligence and how these will aid a world being shaped by AI. After all, a machine cannot easily replace a human’s ability to connect with another human being, so those who have high EI will be in demand.

About our Presenter - Simon Miller, OPRA

Simon started his career in adventure therapy and education using the great outdoors as a medium for facilitating improvements in self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Since then, Simon has gone on to attain a BBS, PGDip Bus Admin, and MBS from Massey University. He is the General Manager for OPRA Psychology Group and an accredited Emotional Intelligence master coach and trainer. With 15+ years’ experience working across a variety of industries in the fields of organisational development, change management, and learning and development, Simon offers an exciting blend of research-based design and practical expertise.

Outside of work, Simon is a dedicated family man, and a keen mountaineer who has scaled multiple peaks in the New Zealand Southern Alps.

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