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This HR Cafe Connect's will focus on reconnecting HR Professionals to share experiences and resources and also give each of you the opportunity to ask questions regarding the current global Covid-19 situation.

What is HR Connect?

As we are under Level 4 lockdown the cafe connect will be held online via Zoom.

HR Connect is an informal members only networking group facilitated by the HRNZ Queenstown Southern Lakes Branch. This type of event provides you with informal networking opportunities to share ideas, solve problems, talk about how things work in the real world, and build local professional relationships.

Why should I be interested in HR Connect?

HR Connect allows for informal networking opportunities to share ideas, solve problems and build local professional relationships. We think this is particularly useful for HR professionals who are sole practitioners.

What are some of the governing principles of HR Connect?

What is in it for me?

HR Connect is local and personal. It's a time and place for new and sole HR professionals to ask for ideas and help with issues they haven't faced before or are struggling with. And it's a time and place for experienced practitioners to share their ideas and experience, and to informally mentor newer professionals.

What's in it for HRNZ?

What's in it for HRNZ is growth of HR capability across our profession. Because it's local, personal and informal, HR Connect supports small-group networking and discussion opportunities that are not always available in other HRINZ forums.

How to Register

Please log in to the HRNZ website FIRST and register through the BUY TICKETS link in the event listing.

A Zoom Link and joining instructions will be sent to you the day before the event


To cancel please email