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AUCKLAND IO SIG:Measuring what matters: HR analytics to lift results

HR Analytics

A recent drive for analytics has been seen across disciplines, driven by big tech companies possessing the knowledge about how to use data to help guide better business decisions. HRM is no exception to this trend.

The data sets commonly available to HRM professionals are only useful if they are subjected to analysis. To be effective HRM professionals need to possess or find data analytic skills. How do you predict effective performance to help guide selection decisions? How do you scan thousands of CVs to help identify job-environment fit? What do you need to assess to understand the climate of an organisation? Which predictors, when controlled, predict sales in the organisation? What predicts employee turnover in your organisation? How do we assess whether adverse impact is a problem with the way we select people? These are important questions that have long presented challenges for HRM practitioners but for which analytics can provide solid, data-driven guidance.

In this session Duncan will illustrate how you can use your people data to help you answer the big questions above and more specifically: