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OTAGO BRANCH: Writing for Success Workshop

Join the Otago Branch and Morag MacTaggart, director of The Writer’s House, for an engaging workshop on Writing for Success

H.R. practitioners build credibility by developing progressive, effective relationships. Written communication forms a core part of that work. When H.R. practitioners write coherent, engaging text, their colleagues and business partners feel motivated and supported to work with them. Make your clear, coherent, engaging business writing become something that defines you.

You’ll be introduced to:

  • •The findings of leading authorities on language and the mind, Lera Boroditsky, Steven Pinker, and Daniel Kahneman
  • •The thinking of writing experts, Joseph M Williams and Helen Sword
  • •Research from reading and literacy specialist Sheena Cameron

You’ll learn:

  • •How to use common reading behaviours to engage your readers and successfully deliver your message.
  • •Well-established techniques for writing in plain English.
  • •How to present yourself in written texts as someone who is clear, efficient and easy to work with.

Due to venue restrictions registrations are limited to 10 attendees, so please register early to avoid disappointment.

About our Presenter Morag MacTaggart

Morag is the director of The Writer’s House, a communications consultancy dedicated to the training and support of workplace writers. Since 2015, she has worked alongside professionals from all spheres who must write for work.

With over twenty-five years' English teaching experience, Morag brings to her workshops a deep knowledge of the English language coupled with an extensive understanding of the best ways to foster engaged, active learning. She been an English Head of Department, Literacy Specialist and English Subject Specialist for NZQA. Her work has been published in Clarity – the leading journal for global news and research in plain legal communication.

“I would recommend Morag’s workshops to all business writers. Even for those who have been writing for years. She clearly articulated what makes great writing. A great reminder to actively think about the construction of your writing.” Gaynor Webb

“Morag had a great manner, she was engaging and informative. The most helpful part of her workshop for me was revising the basics and remembering the ‘flesh and blood!’” Leanne Marsh

“Morag has changed the way I write, and she has changed the way I read. I have always loved to write and considered myself a good writer, however Morag taught me how to write better. She equipped me with new skills, and pointed me in the direction of resources to continue my learning journey. I found Morag a delight; she is passionate and clear and easy to understand.” Lisa Scanlan


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