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Dylan Weymouth, Tribe Lead Group Business Operations, The Warehouse Group

Over 15 years in retail, business management, sales, training and leadership roles, with a wide experience across many business functions. Dylan has extensive industry training and proven skills and abilities in engaging customers, store and regional management, driving retail fundamentals, learning design and delivery, MBTI accreditation and delivery, recruitment, people development and succession, process development, system design, project management and sales.

His key strengthens and passions include:
- Strategic and future focused thinker, he brings to the table a knack for grasping new concepts and quickly uncovering ways to innovate, change and move forward.
- he is successful in building and supporting high performing teams who have delivered customer value, high team engagement and solid business results.
- Through working smarter using technology, he is constantly looking for ways to innovate and do things better, quicker, cheaper, faster and just to make peoples lives / work easier and more enjoyable!


The Warehouse Group case study

Dylan will introduce the audience to the The Warehouse Group’s approach in developing a “High Performance Culture” that unlocks their people’s potential by combining custom built technology and leveraging human potential. Dylan will explore:

  • The Warehouse Group’s use of a custom-built App
  • Leveraging the OILS framework
  • OTJ observations in building performance.