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Karen Meredith | Founder/People Partner, PeopleEX

I believe humans are not resources; they are people! My love of people drew me to HR 20 years ago.

One thing I know for sure after two decades in HR is this: brilliant people make brilliant companies (not the other way around). My passion is awakening people’s inner brilliance, we all have it.

I am a proud HR professional and a certified Executive Coach - a true HR generalist with key strengths in human-centered organisational design and reshape, strategy development, change management, workplace sustainability measures, employee relations, and stakeholder engagement.

I’m known for being a genuine people partner and a hands-on intuitive leader. I love what I do and bring energy, compassion, creativity and professionalism to every organisation I work with and for.

I founded an outsourced HR agency, PeopleEX, to bring my people-centric HR approach to NZ businesses. My favourite thing is to work in partnership with our clients and their people to stimulate better business growth, better social and environmental outcomes, and better people and customer experiences. People for Better is why PeopleEX exists.


Bachelor in Management and a Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Technology Sydney, Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge, Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, Emotional Culture Deck practitioner and an Accredited Executive Coach through the International Coaching Community (ICC).