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Mark Leisegang, Director New Markets at Insights

His aspiration is to be an instrumental part in creating a world where people truly understand themselves and others and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do.

As the General Manager of Insights in Asia, his aim is to keep bridging the gap between their global branches, the process of which has been facilitated by the set-up of Insights Learning and Development (Asia) Pte Ltd in Singapore in 2016. Insights Discovery aims to help its users become conscious of their strengths and weaknesses, promoting effective collaboration. All this is aimed to be delivered seamlessly to their clients globally, guaranteeing the Insights brand and ethos.

By starting up as a team of two (one of which was based in the UK) they have grown to a team of ten people located over Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai a process in which communication and intention for engagement have been integral. Having worked across Africa for eight years, enabled him to empathise with the people in developing countries making him realise their needs, which generated his passion for working with people. A strong financial background has enabled him to develop his skills and ability to work through the entire value chain – from proposal, to delivery to business strategy and development, further stimulating his desire for organisational success.

With his leadership and belief in unlocking the potential in people cross-culturally, he aspires to achieve organisational and team effectiveness. Throughout his journey with Insights, he has managed to contribute in revenue growth in excess of 50% year on year for the last two years as well as established a sustainable business to their valued customers. Their successful partnering with India and Australia in March 2018, has made the Insights family even bigger! Lastly, he opted to localise the Insights Discovery Accreditation in Chinese in January 2018 which ran successfully as a program complimenting the rest of the IDA programs across the world.


Navigating our changing world through human reconnection - 9:25am

Mark will introduce you to the renaissance of Rediscovering Human as he explores the challenges, opportunities and actions we can take as a result of living in a disrupted world.

Mark explores how our businesses and people are being disrupted by sudden change, innovative technology, and new ways of working. As HR professionals, it is our task is to reconnect with and rediscover the traits and skills that make us uniquely human and can help us navigate our changing world. 

Today, Mark will invite the audience to stop, question, and understand why it's critical and what it means for us to rediscover the humanity in ourselves, the people we support, and our organisations.

In this session, you will learn practical ways to:

  • Seek opportunities that HR professionals can embed in their OD to rediscover human
  • Reconnect with our humanity and allow it to be your competitive advantage
  • Maintain the “invisible threads” of connection in our new ways of work
  • Keep people at the center of your business decisions
  • Leverage the power of community to realize your competitive advantage
  • Make the shift from a technology-centric world view to one that is human-centric
  • Prepare yourself, your teams, and your leaders to lead with humanity
  • Deepen and strengthen our purpose in this age of disruption.