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Paying by Bank Automatic Payment (AP) allows you to pay for your membership on a monthly basis. Once established the funds are automatically withdrawn from your nominated bank account and deducted from your total membership for the year. You can choose which day of the month that you would like your AP to be processed.

To set up your AP, please use the following details.

• Bank Account: Human Resources Institute of NZ

• Bank Name: BNZ, Wellington

• Account No: 02-0500-0590879-00

• Particulars: (Your Surname & Initial)

• Code: (Your Profile No)

• Reference: Member Fee

• Amount: $37.08

Once complete, please email to let us know.

Please note that only General and Chartered Members are eligible for payment by AP.

Membership is for a 12-month term, irrespective of this monthly instalment payment by AP. Members resigning during their 12-month term will be Invoiced for the remaining membership period.