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What is Human Centred Design?

Since we released our new PD course we've had a number of inquiries in regards to... What exactly is Human Centred Design? Firstly, the terms 'design thinking' and 'human centred design' are fairly interchangeable these days.


Course presenter Ben McCarthy from ThinkPlace commented "We are seeing an increasing emergence of human centred design as a tool to address human resources related challenges. For example, it can be useful in considering programme related to diversity and inclusion, recognition, performance management or wellness."


So why is human centred design important? The tools and techniques of human centred design lead us to a deeper understanding of the problem we're trying to solve and a more agile approach to developing solutions.


In the HBR article 'Thinking' by Tim Brown, the author suggests... "Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes €“ and even strategy."


Interested? Enrol in HRINZ's Human Centred Design PD Course in Wellington on 1 & 8 May or Auckland on 5 & 12 June.