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Research Invitation – Annual NZ Staff Turnover Survey

HRINZ is pleased to partner with Lawson Williams Consulting Group to invite HR professionals to participate in the Annual NZ Staff Turnover Survey. This survey is now in its 12th year and is New Zealand’s largest annual survey of staff turnover.  The Survey covers all employers in New Zealand, with a separate section for organisations with less than 65 staff.

Data collection for the 2019 survey has now begun. To participate, please click the link below. Completing the questionnaire takes around 10 minutes. All data is treated confidentially and held on a separate, secure server. No organisation’s data can be accessed by any other party. Responses should be submitted by Friday 3 May, 2019.

For further information or if you experience any problems, please email the Survey Manager,  Penny Langstaff

Respondents will receive a full copy of the survey report covering:

  • Industry comparison – your organisation’s performance on staff turnover versus other employers in your industry sector. Also included is private sector vs. public sector comparisons.
  • Voluntary versus involuntary departures – a benchmark indicator of your staff retention performance & organisational culture.
  • Departures in the first year of employment – a benchmark indicator of the success of your recruitment & induction programmes.
  • Turnover by Region – compare across New Zealand.
  • Other Turnover Data – including reasons for leaving, retention strategies, exit interview and outplacement use
  • 90 Day trial period – rate of implementation in employment contracts, number of times actioned by employer and employees.
  • Trends Analysis and Commentary – key comparisons with the previous five years and suggestions for the future.
  • Recommendations – managing turnover and applying turnover metrics.

To view last year’s Summary Report, click here