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Research invitation - looking at strategy, HRM system strength, HR practice and outcomes

Seeking HR practitioners for participation in a study looking at strategy, HRM system strength, HR practice and outcomes:

Researchers from the University of Otago’s Management Department are seeking around 30 service organisations from the public and private sectors for participation in a study which looks at the links between competitive strategy, people management practices and individual and organisational performance outcomes (Ethics D18/002). Participation in this project will see HR managers, middle/line managers, and a small sample of their employees complete an online survey which takes around 15 minutes.

To encourage your organisation’s participation in this project, we will provide you with benchmarked data about the strength of your HRM system (i.e., the efficacy of your HR function and how well your HR policies are communicated and understood) and the outcomes for employees and the organisation accruing from HR practices. As we also require the participation of small groups of your employees, we are offering all participants the chance to win one of 5 x $150 Prezzy Cards.

If you are interested in participating in this research, or would like to know more about this project, please contact Morgan Jones at

Thanks from the Research Team – Associate Professor Fiona Edgar, Dr Annie Zhang and Morgan Jones.