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NZ universities paying women $400,000 less than men

Some of the most qualified female academics are being paid substantially less than their male counterparts for doing the same work, according to a recent study, as reported on Stuff.

According to study co-author, Canterbury University associate professor Ann Brower, about half the gap could be explained by a difference in academic research prowess, age and area of expertise. But this still left women $200,000 worse-off than a man with the same level of expertise and experience.

“There is a lot of evidence that employers expect more from women, they expect them to serve on more committees and offer more pastoral care for students. There is also evidence that students evaluate women more harshly,” said Ann Brower.

Canterbury University’s human resource executive director, Paul O’Flaherty, said he, “tended to agree with the findings,” and was working with female academics to address the gender pay imbalance. Read the full article...