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How to improve onboarding

If you're reading this article, chances are you're either planning to or are in the process of onboarding a new employee.

Onboarding is a crucial process for a business, as this is essentially when a new hire will really get to see what your company is like. This is also the perfect opportunity for you and your team to get acquainted with the newest member.

The benefits of tech onboarding

Tech onboarding eliminates the need for physical files. While some argue that digital files are prone to data breaches, these threats can be easily mitigated by setting up cybersecurity protocols with the help of your IT team.

BizTech Magazine argues that small businesses need cloud management software for today's processes, as this all keeps essential files in an easily accessible system. This accessibility makes it perfect for storing any onboarding materials.

Granting access to these resources can also help in the pre-onboarding process, as the HR team can start forwarding documents that need to be signed even before the new candidate steps in for work.