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How HR practice is vital to the wellbeing of our Māori workforce - new HR Charts with Te Radar podcast

Karli Te Aotonga (Whānau development programme manager for Wakatū Incorporation) joins Te Radar to discuss how HR practice is vital to the wellbeing of our Māori workforce.

With so much to cover, this podcasts has been split into 3 episodes.

Part one (watch now) focuses on:

  1. A framework for HR and employers to use that could potentially assist them with how best to support the wellbeing of Māori in their workplace
  2. Talent attraction and recruitment – how can HR improve their practice for Māori seeking to enter their workforce?
  3. How can HR ensure we support hiring managers with a positive onboarding experience for Māori?


Part two (watch now) focuses on: 

  1. Supporting diversity and inclusion for Māori employees
  2. Supporting Māori through performance development and performance conversations
  3. Improving learning and development opportunities for Māori employees
  4. Considerations to improve our remuneration, recognition, rewards, benefits and entitlements for our Māori employees
  5. Talent management and workforce planning for Māori employees


Part three (watch now) focuses on: 

  1. Supporting Māori employees when there are challenges in the workplace
  2. Measures HR can put in place when Māori leave your workplace


About Karli
Karli Te Aotonga is a proud māmā to two boys (Cobey and Wiremu), president of the Nelson HRNZ branch and Whānau development programme manager for Wakatū Incorporation. Wakatū is a hapū and whānau owned organisation, based in Te Tauihu, the top of the South Island. Karli is passionate about the wellbeing and development of all people in the workforce, particularly the wellbeing and development of tāngata whenua working across diverse workplaces in Aotearoa.