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NEW podcast - Steph Dyhrberg - Post-varsity blues: are we failing our graduates?

In this latest HR Chats with Te Radar podcast, Steph Dyhrberg will discuss Post-varsity blues, offering her thoughts on how we as HR professionals and employees may be failing our graduates.

Watch now Steph Dyhrberg - Post-varsity blues: are we failing our graduates?

Steph will address the following:

  • Why do young lawyers have such a hard time?
  • How could we better support the transition from university to work?
  • Has the culture of law improved at all over the past 3 years?
  • Positive initiatives that Steph has been involved in.
  • Advice to college students considering law as a career?
  • Are other professions similar or better?


Steph's biography:

Steph has nearly 30 years’ legal experience and is a partner in Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law, a specialist employment law practice in Wellington. She is a Trustee of Mary Potter Hospice.

Steph has been active in the pay equity movement for the past 7 years and appeared in the Bartlett litigation. In December 2018, Steph was awarded Wellingtonian of the Year for her contribution to tackling sexual harassment in the workplace.