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Future HR Capabilities - HRNZ survey report

HRNZ has been researching members’ perceptions about the future capabilities required of HR professionals.  We are interested in the factors that will drive change in HR and how these factors will impact on the HR profession.

We took the results of focus groups with senior HR leaders and surveyed our membership to gain their views.  The survey took place between 7 to 21 September 2020, with 220 responses received.

We firstly asked members about the top three factors affecting the HR profession in the future. Members were selecting from a list of 11 factors identified during our focus groups.  Overwhelmingly the evolution of the distributed workforce was identified as the top factor.

Having established the factors driving change, we wanted to understand what our members felt were the most important capabilities for future success.

Finally, we asked our respondents which of these future capabilities represented the greatest current strengths for HR professionals. Perhaps influenced by their experiences in 2020 our respondents clearly marked resilience and relationship building as key strength areas.


Next Steps

These survey results have proven extremely insightful, particularly given the consistency of views across our respondents. HRNZ is keen to continue this conversation about the future of HR and to support our members in the development path needed to facilitate tomorrow’s workplaces.

We will be “Facing the Future” in a HRNZ Virtual Summit on 25 November. Join us to discuss some of the key themes from this research and start the process of refining this future vision for HR.