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Research invitation - Human Resource support for middle managers going through change management processes

My name is Vicie Hodge and I am an affiliated member of HRNZ.  Currently I am on the path to completing my Master of Professional Practice through Capable NZ and need to validate whether or not the issue that I intend to study is an important issue for HR practitioners. 

This issue is the role of HR practitioners in supporting middle managers who are leading change within their organisation but are themselves impacted by this change.  The background to this topic is that too often we see change management happening with employees behaving poorly, upper management not supporting middle management, and human resources juggling supporting the organisation, the employees, and the middle manager.  The middle manager appears to get caught between the requests of upper management, and the poor behaviour of the team they are leading through the change.  Who looks after the wellbeing of the middle manager, so they do not burn out through the change process? 

Research and literature on this topic is scarce, therefore I would like, as a preliminary to my main study, to validate that the issue is one which is worthwhile addressing. I would like to request that you send the attached survey to my fellow HRNZ members so that I can establish validation of the issue.   

The target audience I am looking for is Human Resource professionals who have had at least two years’ experience in the area of change management. Click on the survey link below will be open until 9 December 2020 and with anonymity maintained as the survey tool utilised de-identifies participants. The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.

What is the aim of the project? The aim of this survey is to identify the magnitude of the issue of supporting and empowering the middle manager in the practice of change management so it is not such a burden on their well-being.  The researcher has not been able to find a lot of research on this issue, and I require validation that this is an issue, I consider the best way to validate this and get the information I need is to survey HRNZ members who have had change management experience.

How will potential participants be identified and accessed? Potential participants will be accessed and identified through the Human Resources New Zealand (HRNZ) network, via email. The researcher will send an email to HRNZ asking they email a survey link out to their members.

What type of participants are being sought? Members of the HRNZ group, as part of my professional practice body will be asked to participate in the study.  This group would be a sample size of 20 Human Resource Professionals who have had at least two years’ experience in the area of change management.

What will my participation involve?

Should you agree to take part in this survey you will be asked to complete a written survey involving seven of short answer questions and statements designed to assess your views on change management processes and your views on the support middle managers receive.  This survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

How will confidentiality and/or anonymity be protected? Anonymity and confidentiality is protected as the survey tool being used de-identifies participants. Records will be secured through the use of password protected files.   

What data or information will be collected and how will it be used?

Raw data, via the survey will be collected to assist with validating the issue the researcher wants to study.

You may request a copy of the results of the project and it will be available through emailing the researcher.

Data Storage

The data collected will be securely stored in such a way that only the researcher will have access to.  The data will be stored on the researcher’s personal laptop which is password protected.  At the end of the project any personal information will be destroyed for any raw data on which the results are based.  This will be retained in secure storage for a period of seven years, after which it will be destroyed (in line with what is stated on the consent form).

Can participants change their minds and withdraw from the project?

You can decline to participate without any disadvantage to yourself of any kind.  If you choose to participate, you can stop participating in the survey at any time, without having to give any reasons.    You can refuse to answer any particular question.  The data cannot be withdrawn once you hit the submit button.


I agree to take part in this project.  I understand that submitting this survey implies my consent.  You cannot withdraw information once you have submitted the survey.

What if participants have any questions?

If participants have any questions about the survey, either now or in the future, please feel free to contact or Academic Mentor Phil Ker