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Research Invitation - Impacts of enterprise intelligent assistants on work-life practices

Talitakuum Ekandjo is an Information Systems Doctoral student in the Wellington School of Business and Government at Victoria University of Wellington. Talita is seeking participants for her research project titled: Impacts of enterprise intelligent assistants on work-life practices: an exploratory study.

Enterprise intelligent personal assistants (IPAs) are intelligent applications or tools that are emerging in the workplace to assist employees with productivity and wellbeing. Examples of these tools include Microsoft MyAnalytics, Cortana and Viva Insights.

The study aims to understand how individual workers, managers and teams adapt their daily work-life practices when using these technologies to manage their daily working lives. This research project can provide valuable insights into individuals/organisations use of these tools, the benefits, challenges, and risks, and what can be done to improve the employees’ experiences and maximise benefits from these tools. These insights can be useful to HR professionals interested in understanding how intelligent tools can support employee productivity and wellbeing.

Medium to large organisations that have adopted any of the tools mentioned above are invited to participate in this research project. Talita will interview between 7 – 10 employees (workers and managers) and at least 3 teams from each organisation on a confidential basis. Organisational and individual identities will be kept confidential. Participating organisations will be given a summary of the study findings.

This research will be conducted in line with the Victoria University of Wellington’s human research ethics guidelines, and approval has already been granted. If you are interested in participating or would like to know more about the study, please contact Talita at or her supervisors Dr Jocelyn Cranefield at or Dr Yi-Te Chiu at