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Let Datacom manage your payroll system needs, so you can focus on your business...


No matter the size of your organisation, we have a payroll system to meet your needs. Datacom's range of solutions give businesses options. You can manage and process your own payroll, or outsource this to one of our specialist payroll teams. We've been providing outsourced payroll services to thousands of businesses across New Zealand and Australia for more than 50 years. Our payroll software is cloud-based so you'll always be using the latest version. You’ll never have to upgrade your payroll system.

Employees are the largest cost in most businesses, and many businesses regard their employees as their most important asset. One of the most important activities for a business is paying its employees correctly and on time. With complicated remuneration schemes, flexible working arrangements, and changing legislation that’s not always easy. Making sure this happens is our top priority.

We have open contracts and don't lock clients into unsuitable systems. Our pricing is simple and based on usage. You're able to scale up and down as required so you don't pay for anything you're not benefiting from.

Be sure to check out our Payroll resources.