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Gillian Brookes

Gillian Brookes is a strategic HR and flexible work specialist.


Gillian Brookes is best known as a flexible work specialist. She is also a Strategic HR consultant focused on redesigning work for the future.


Manager Training

Most of Gillian’s work focuses on training managers in how to manage a flexible team. She has tried and tested tools and resources that take the complexity out of flex to make life easier for busy people leaders.


Senior Leaders

Gillian works with senior leaders to support them with a workforce strategy that is fit for the future. She helps them navigate their unique role in the implementation of the strategy, particularly when it comes to redesigning work and flex.


HR Professionals

As a former senior HR leader, Gillian offers very tailored support for the HR leaders and teams of organisations. This takes the form of coaching, mentoring and training in the areas of her expertise, including flexible work, strategic HR and redesigning work for the future.


Guest Speaker

Gillian is often engaged as a guest speaker for leadership and employee events. Areas of her expertise include:

  • flexible work
  • redesigning work for the future
  • working parents networks (Gillian runs a successful WPN with regular online events)
  • women in leadership