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HRNZ is committed to working with New Zealand’s HR professionals to achieve HR excellence in Aotearoa, and to support them to build sustainable organisations through people.

Leadership and influence are at the core of the new Capability Framework developed by HRNZ in conjunction with industry experts from across Aotearoa. The framework which we’re calling The Path will be revealed at our HR Summit in Wellington.

The Summit programme has been crafted to bring you empowering, inspirational and motivational speakers, but also plenty of time for both structured and unstructured networking.  Together we’ll look at the tools we need to take action and lead HR excellence in Aotearoa. 

The design team for our new capability framework identified two paths that HR Professionals could take into the future. This Summit is for those who want to join us on the bold path.

Day One

Wednesday 23 November | Welcome Cocktail Function | 5.30pm - 7.00pm

Our Summit will begin the night before with a welcome cocktail function in the Billiard Room at QT. A chance to network and meet up with others attending the Summit. This will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know fellow delegates, reacquaint with old friends and enjoy an evening pre summit.


Day Two

Thursday 24 November | HR Summit Programme | 9.00am – 5.00pm

9:00am           Welcome

Te Radar | MC


9:10am           Opening Keynote | 10 Seconds of Courage

Nadine Champion | Author, speaker, martial artist

We all face pivotal moments of choice in life - to play it safe or take a chance.

The battle for confidence, resilience and success can be won or lost within your own mind.

10 seconds of courage is about empowering you to get unstuck, back yourself and take courageous action.

Nadine’s opening address is more than a keynote, you will be part of a mental, physical and emotional experience, the finale of which will leave you cheering with excitement and mentally prepared for the day!

Key takeaways:

  • You will gain practical tools for bouncing back, staying mentally strong and dreaming bigger for yourself.
  • The key to facing challenges and overcoming obstacles lies in Changing Your Thinking - when you alter your response to difficult situations, you can positively impact outcomes.
  • You will understand the research-backed ways our minds can hold us back, make us hesitate or miss opportunities, plus the actionable mindset tools to avoid these common traps.


10:10am          Social Entrepreneurship: from start-up to scale-up and setbacks

Samantha Jones | Founder and CEO of Little Yellow Bird

Samantha will share her inspiring story, providing her raw and honest story starting and scaling a social enterprise in a world that doesn't value sustainability.  Samantha will share the challenges and learnings, how they’ve got to where they are, what they’ve learnt and where they are going. Speaking to her leadership journey in creating Little Yellow Bird.

As we begin the day we hope that her story will leave you feeling inspired, with some tips and tricks for overcoming adversity within your own teams.


10:40am         Morning Tea


11:10am         HR Taking the Lead on Organisational Sustainability

Kirsten (KP) Patterson | Chief Executive of the Institute of Directors

KP will be talking about the importance of HR practitioners taking a leading role in organisations’ sustainability strategies and how they respond to climate change challenges. Future employers will be judged as much on these behaviours as other aspects of their organisational culture and will need to score highly in order to attract and retain the best talent.


11:55am         Time Zones and Mind Zones – HR as Future Leaders of Sustainability

Maree Roche | Associate Professor Human Resources & Leadership, University of Waikato

Maree will combine her research on neuro-leadership and Māori leadership to inspire and challenge thinking. She will provide insight, tools and research that support HRs role in enabling fresh pathways - as HR navigates the way towards much greater sustainability in organisations. 

By the end of the session you will:

  • Understand the neurological foundations of mind zones for sustainability, and
  • Understand Māori leadership and worldviews on time zones in facilitating sustainable change.


12:40pm         Lunch


1:40pm        Tackling our wicked problems

Sarah Baddeley | Executive Director at management consultancy MartinJenkins   

What role can human resource professionals play in holding their organisations to account for wider social benefit? How do we detect and prevent modern slavery and worker exploitation in Aotearoa New Zealand?

Sarah Baddeley, Executive Director at MartinJenkins, advises Boards and Executive Teams on some of the most wicked problems facing our society today. Be prepared to leave this presentation, ready to exercise greater influence for good in your workplace.


2:10 pm           Workshop | Insight to Action

Deb Bailey | Leadership coach, facilitator, speaker and author

In order to engage the people who power our workforce and the vision to create a sustainable organisation, we, the HR Practitioners, need to show up as the best possible version of ourselves. How we do our leadership from the Inside Out matters. It’s our ‘inner game’ of leadership that informs and impacts our ‘outer game’ - but do we know what that looks like?

In this practical session, you will explore the behaviours that will help you put the HRNZ Capability Framework into action and you will leave with your goals identified. You will also have the opportunity to connect with the rest of your table to learn and inspire each other.

This session is all about taking our insights and turning them into action!


3:00pm           Afternoon Tea

3:20pm           Workshop | Insight to Action continues with Deb Bailey


3:45pm           Maximise Your Superpowers to Amplify your Impact

Natalie Cutler-Welsh | International speaker, Author, SuperConnector, Visibility & Impact coach, at Go to Girl Ltd and mother of three teenagers

Now more than ever people are looking to understand who they are as an individual and a leader.  In this presentation we explore the concept of ‘Upping your Brave’ and how to navigate from the ‘should zone’ or ‘frustration zone’ to live your life primarily in what I like to call the ‘Impact zone’.  

We cover 2 keys to Impact zone living - one of them being maximising (but not maxing out) your Superpowers.

The audience will walk away with: 

  • The ability to pin point what ‘zone’ they are living in and take empowered actions to effectively navigate towards the ‘impact zone’.
  • A new found understanding and admiration for their own Superpowers and how to maximise them (but not max them out).
  • A feeling of empowered positivity and greater clarity on what living in the impact zone means to them and what they are choosing to courageously create (and lovingly let go of).


4:30pm           Closing Remarks

4:40pm           Welcome by MAS to Networking cocktail function


Networking to end the day | 4.45pm - 5.45pm

What better way to end a day of hard mahi than a networking function where you can enjoy talking to fellow attendees and reflect on the day that was.