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HR Professional Development

The HRNZ Professional Development Framework provides a common language, tools and resources for all HR Professionals in New Zealand.

Our framework consists of a Code of Practice, The Path - Capability Framework, Professional Accreditation levels, a process for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and an e-Learning platform. All these resources are included as part of your membership.


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Develop your HR Team with HRNZ

The HRNZ Professional Development Framework ensures that your HR team are recognised for delivering ethical and competent HR services assessed against an industry standard. We encourage you to adopt this framework for your team and are available to support you through the implementation process.

Step 1: Code of Practice

By having your HR team complete our Code of Practice module you can be confident that they will approach the day to day resolution of issues in a consistently ethical manner.

Take the test here.

Step 2: Benchmark your Team

Our assessment tool analyses people's skills and experience against the competency framework, to identify their skill gaps and learning needs. It will recommend the most suitable accreditation level for each person's professional pathway.

Click here to start your assessment.

Step 3: Plan the Development Path

Use the HRNZ template to plan the development path of your staff. This will identify development needs and the support required to get them to the next accreditation level. Assess the work experience and training against the required competences to start planning your team's development pathways.

Please download the HRNZ template here.

Step 4: Gain Recognition

Ready to apply? Please read the guidelines for Emerging Accreditation Membership and Chartered Membership before sending us your application.

Step 5: Commit to Continuous Learning

The commitment to Continued Professional Development (CPD) is an essential role of accredited HR Professionals. The HRNZ CPD point system helps you to keep track of your professional development, by awarding points for participation in certain CPD-earning activities. There is a wide range of CPD-earning activities available to ensure that you choose the best mix of activities to meet your personal development goals.