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We want you to become a Chartered member and are committed to making it as stress free and as easy as possible for you.

Apply in 5 easy steps:

  1. Complete the Code of Practice module
  2. Update your CV
  3. Fill in the simple Application Form
  4. Provide two referees.
  5. Submit your application.


Download the Application Form


Preparing your Application

The application process does not require further study and does not require you to take an exam. We recommend that you complete the HRNZ Self-Assessment available on the HRNZ website. HRNZ will review your application. If you don't meet the any of the requirements at any of the Steps, then you will be sent feedback on where the shortfall(s) are and invited to reapply.

Step 1

  • Complete the Code of Practice module. You can complete the Code of Practice through the HRNZ eLearning platform. Save your Certificate of Completion and include with your Application supporting documents.

Step 2

  • Update and attach your full CV with your application. This should include supporting evidence of your competency as detailed in the Criteria Section of the Application Form (Step 3) along with 2 referees (Step 4).

Step 3

Competency criteria section requirements

To become a Chartered Member of HRNZ you must demonstrate competence in the four compulsory areas (as listed below) and at least ‘competent’ in one optional competency and at least ‘developing’ in one other optional competency (also listed below).

To check your understanding of the competency areas refer to the HRNZ Competency Framework – Kahikatea, Ka Taea.

Provide supporting evidence of your competency in your CV with your application detailing the role in which demonstrates your highest level of competence


  • Resourcing

Analyse and plan for current and future human resources and workforce needs by implementing talent management and recruitment strategies.

  • Learning/Development and Performance Management

Identify, design, and implement training to meet organisational objectives. Develop and maintain a performance management system that supports the business and recognises employees’ achievement.

  • Change Management and Organisational Development

Develop and manage change processes, effectively communicating changes to employees to provide them with support through the process. Develop and implement
systematic change strategy that enables an organisation to adapt its environment through changes in culture and capability.

  • Legal Compliance and Employment Relations

Develop and implement policies, processes, and systems to ensure the organisation’s compliance with employment law and HR legislation. Carry out individual and collective bargaining, work with unions and identify and resolve employment relation issues.



  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Develop and implement health, safety, and wellbeing strategies and policies that contribute to a culture of safety and wellbeing.

  • Remuneration and Reward

Develop, implement, and monitor remuneration strategies and policies that are effective and equitable.

  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity Management

Acknowledge diversity and the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi through strategy implementation.

  • HR Measurement and Policy Development

Develop scorecards, statistics, and measures that show the impact of HR practices and policies. Identify successes, concerns, and solutions. Develop, communicate, and implement policies and strategies that support the organisation’s HR goals.

  • Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)

Know how to use HRMIS systems and analyse the data they provide. Know about different options and be able to manage a project to introduce or improve systems.

  • We recommend that you complete the HRNZ Self-Assessment available on the HRNZ website and include the report from that assessment with your application.
  • Provide supporting evidence of completion of the equivalent of 30 CPD points in the 12 months preceding application. Completing your Chartered Membership Application counts for 15 of the 30 required CPD points.
  • Agree to the Charter.
  • Certify your application.

Step 4

HRNZ will verify your experience through personally nominated referees that are required as part of the application form.

  • Please provide details for two referees, including one non-HR person (preferably a person currently or recently supported by you), one who is able to comment on your current and/or recent roles, and one who is your direct manager, or manager’s manager.
  • Your referees will receive an online reference template via email to complete

Step 5

Submit your Application

The Assessment Process

The following are the steps in the assessment process once you have submitted your application:

  • You’ll receive an acknowledgement of your Application which will include an indication of how long the Application is expected to be assessed.
  • HRNZ will then contact your nominated referees to validate the information you have supplied about your capability across the framework.
  • Next, you will be contacted for an interview with 2 members of the assessment panel to verify your competency.


When your assessment has been completed you will be advised on the outcome of your Chartered Membership application.
If successful, you will be accredited as a Chartered Member and provided with guidance on how to maintain your status.
If you are not successful, you will receive feedback on which areas you need to improve on in order to strengthen your application.
This application process does not end in a 'pass' or 'fail' manner. Instead, we support you to reach the competencies required to become Chartered.