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Charter of Human Resources New Zealand


Human Resources New Zealand (HRNZ) promotes excellence in Human Resources Management and in performance, development and leadership of people at work. HRNZ facilitates its members’ professional development, and seeks to enhance the standard and effectiveness of those members through information and education on industry best practice and their professional, legal, moral and general rights and responsibilities. Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows of HRNZ are committed to upholding the principles of the Charter. Their qualifications, background, character and experience make them role models for other members and practitioners, their organisations and the community as a whole.


A Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow should:

  1. At all times conduct himself or herself with the utmost professional and personal integrity and accountability, consistent with the highest ethical standards and recognising the trust and responsibility vested in him or her.
  2. At all times exercise the highest degree of skill, care and diligence in the Human Resources (HR) roles entrusted to him or her, exercising independent thought and applying an enquiring mind, so as to ensure that each organisation with which he or she is involved obtains the full benefit of his or her expertise, experience and wisdom.
  3. Consistently demonstrate leadership in all facets of his or her HR roles, and within HRNZ, ensuring that all colleagues are provided the opportunity to benefit from his or her expertise, experience and wisdom.
  4. Respect always the professional and personal reputations of other members of the HR profession and HRNZ itself – and, in particular, not do, or cause or permit to be done, anything which is likely to bring HRNZ into disrepute or is otherwise inconsistent with any of the standards and ideals set out in this Charter.
  5.  Actively support and encourage diversity in his or her HR practice and within HRNZ.
  6. Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to continuing professional development, in order both to retain currency of skills and knowledge and to serve as an example to all colleagues.
  7. Actively promote, generally, the highest standards of HR practice.
  8. Demonstrate good character, consistent with his or her role, the prominence of his or her position within HRNZ and in the community as a whole, the principles set out in this Charter, and the objects of HRNZ.