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Getting the human element right in the workplace is essential for developing successful, high performing organisations. This involves a complex range of factors that Human Resources teams can impact and contribute to, so it’s critical for organisational success that a professionally recognised practitioner provides this guidance and expert advice at a strategic and operational level in the same way that accountants, lawyers and other highly regarded, regulated professions do in the respective professional areas.

We’ve developed our Chartered membership framework for New Zealand Human Resources practitioners to closely align to what other Human Resources membership organisations have implemented in other countries. In this way it helps to raise the level of professional achievement for Human Resources on a global basis.

HRINZ is committed to developing a higher level of Human Resources practitioner capability to ensure that workplaces around New Zealand are the best they can be and to benefit from a level of professionalism that will be recognised on a national and international basis.

    What can Chartered Membership do for you?

    Here are some great reasons to be a Chartered member!

    You’ll be:

    • Among the first Human Resources practitioners in New Zealand to become an accredited Chartered professional, with post nominals to reflect your level of personal, professional achievement
    • Recognised as a senior subject matter expert in your business, on a par with your colleagues in other professions
    • Increasingly sought after by employers who take their people practices seriously
    • Recognised for your acceptance of the professional standards outlined in the Charter
    • Acknowledged for the contribution Human Resources makes to organisations
    • Eligible for a higher status of Chartered membership, with ongoing professional development, which opens the door to career growth.

    You’ll also have the confidence that:

    • Your Chartered membership of HRINZ is evidence that you have attained a level of professional ability which is respected at a national professional standard
    • Provides you with guidance and opportunities to expand and enhance your professional knowledge and expertise through continuing professional development on an annual basis.

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    What Chartered Membership can do for your Organisation

    Chartered membership gives organisations the assurance that your staff have access to:

    • World leading insight and expertise that combines theoretical, business and practical experience
    • Enhanced competitive advantage through access to the latest best practice and trends in all things people
    • The ability to highlight the value it places on its people by supporting Chartering,which enhances its employment brand
    • Highly skilled and engaged Human Resources teams who drive organisational strength and directly impact business performance
    • Support to build Human Resources leaders who can contribute to business strategy not just as a functional service.