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There is a wide range of CPD-earning activities available, to ensure that you choose the best mix of activities to meet your personal development goals. These could vary  depending on your training and development needs, job type (in-house HR specialist, external HR consultant, HR academic), stage of career and personal circumstances.

For example, if you are a retired HR professional, choosing to become a mentor could be a suitable activity. Or, if you have a goal to develop your HR technology skills, a professional development course on workforce analytics may be more useful.

Whatever professional development you choose to carry out, it should relate to areas covered in The Competency Framework – Kahikatea, ka taea.

How many points do I need?

CPD Points are awarded for various types of professional development and the requirement is that Chartered and Emerging Professional members accrue at least 25 points per annum and 100 points over a 3 year period (the CPD period start date is either the date you became Chartered/Emerging Professional or 1 April 2018 - whichever is sooner).

Any additional points may be carried over into following years in order to maximise their usefulness.

Over a 3-year period, a these Members must earn 100 points. This means they sometimes need to earn more than 25 points in a year.

Retired chartered members and those chartered members not currently active in the profession (e.g. taking an extended career break) may retain their chartered membership on the following basis:

Career breaks

HRNZ offers those on an extended career break two options:

  • to stay connected in a 'stay in touch' CPD programme (a minimum of 8 credits per annum during the career break)
  • a 'catch-up' CPD programme (a minimum of 20 credits of catch-up activities within the first 6 months back at work after 2 or more years’ off work, including mandatory refresher courses in areas such as employment law, health & safety etc., where there have been legislative or regulatory changes).

Retired Members

Retired Members can retain chartered membership status provided they achieve a minimum of 8 credits per annum mentoring/coaching others in HRNZ's mentoring programme, or other similar PD activities equating to the 8 credits per annum.