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Earning points

All Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows are required to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) in order to maintain their chartered status as members. CPD Points are awarded for various types of professional development and the requirement is that members accrue at least 25 points per annum and 100 points over a 3 year period (the CPD period start date is either the date you became Chartered or 1 April 2018 - whichever is sooner).  Professional development should relate to competency areas covered in Kahikatea, ka taea – see the framework here.

It is the responsibility of chartered members to choose their own forms of CPD utilising an appropriate blend of activities, depending on their development goals, analysis of their training and development needs, job type (in-house HR specialist, external HR consultant, HR academic), stage of career, and personal circumstances.

The table below outlines the types of activities recognised and the relative points value of each.  Any enquiries about professional development activities and points accrual should be directed to

Completed professional development activities and the associated points are detailed on your CPD Statement which can be viewed by logging into your Account on the HRNZ website.  Points for HRNZ courses and events will automatically be allocated to your account. Other activities will need to be entered by you manually by logging into your Account, then under the Tile “Chartered Membership” click on the “Claim CPD” Button and complete all the required fields, including the date. The Points will then be visible in your Statement as soon as they are approved.

For examples of some CPD scenarios, please refer to the CPD Scenario document.




20 per annum

Participation in a work-based process of professional development

Participation in a development conversation or process that involves planning of, and reflection on, work-based activities that enhance professional development.


Note: Independent HR consultants may receive the same credit for an equivalent process involving peer review of their professional development.

Two per contact hour

Participation in HRNZ-approved programmes of continuing education

These are post-experience forms of education targeted at the needs of HR professionals who have already met HRNZ’s assessment of competence for chartered membership. They earn a premium because of the assessment of learning. Providers need to meet assessment requirements approved by HRNZ.

One per contact hour

Short courses, webinars, workshops and conferences

These activities must be relevant to a member’s CPD, but they do not involve assessment of learning and do not require HRNZ approval. Many providers, including HRNZ itself, will offer relevant options.

One per hour of development [max 25 pa]

Research and development

Development of professional development courses, methods or thought leadership which advances the HR profession and/or

people leadership practice.

One per contact hour

Professional networking events and special interest forums

Participation in communities of practice and professional networks e.g. SIGs, which enable individuals to learn with others facing the same HR and/or people leadership business challenges.

One per contact hour

Mentoring in the HRNZ or other formal system.

As long as the mentoring is relevant to CPD, involvement can be either as mentor or mentee.

10 credits per annum

Informal study

This relates to personal, self-guided study that helps the individual to develop their HR or business knowledge.  Over the 3-year period this can generate a maximum of 10 credits per annum without any need for evidence. This can include reading the HR Magazine.



Members may apply on an exceptional basis for other activities to receive CPD credits

HRNZ completes regular quality audits on continuing professional development activities undertaken by members.  Members may be asked to provide documentary evidence of non-HRNZ development activities. For full details, please refer to the CPD Framework. Processes & Policies document.