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People Central


Make better hiring decisions

People Central for Psychometric Testing & Assessment, Skills & Ability Tests.

No contracts, annual licenses, tests with expiry dates, junk tests & all the other stuff that drove us nuts when we were HR Managers in your shoes.  Just the tests you want, when you want them.

Our 400+ New Zealand clients love our blend of fast candidate communications & turnaround of reports with comprehensive interpretation support.  Gaining all the advantages of candidate assessments without slowing down their selection process enables them to make informed selection decisions ahead of competing job offers in a candidate-driven job market. 

We’re independent of any test publisher, so you get the tests & assessments most suited to your vacancy & culture, not the closest fit to one publishers products.

Our tests & assessments include:

  • Psychometric testing and assessment range of Ability Tests, Personality Assessments and Sales Effectiveness Tests from major test publishers, including Psytech, Podium, SHL, Talogy & Hogrefe. 
  • Over 3,000 Software & IT Skills Tests, from simulated tests of microsoft-office skills through to advanced assessments of web & system coding
  • The only suite of NZ-Specific Accounting & Bookkeeping Skills & Knowledge Tests in the country

We operate at every level of employment, from factory floor staff, to CEO selection and across all business and public sectors.

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