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People Central


Ready To Up Your Hiring Game?

People Central provide an extensive range of online and supervised testing and psychometric assessment products across New Zealand, supporting the recruitment process and providing assessments of existing staff and teams. We deliver the worlds most trusted and reliable candidate and staff assessment products across New Zealand to reduce risks in recruitment, identify training priorities and develop engaged teams.

Our assessment suite goes far beyond psychometric testing, to include:

- Over 3,000 Software & IT Skills Tests, from simulated tests of ms-office skills through to advanced assessments of web & system coding

- The only suite of NZ-Specific Accounting & Bookkeeping Skills & Knowledge Tests in the country

- Off the shelf validated Assessment & Development Centre Exercises, including group exercises, simulated interviews & meetings, scheduling & analysis exercises and in-tray exercises from A&DC

- Psychometric testing and assessment range of Ability Tests, Personality Assessments and Sales Effectiveness Tests from major test publishers, including Psytech, Gartner (formerly CEB/ SHL) and Hogrefe. 

We operate at every level of employment, from factory shop floor staff, to CEO selection and across all business and public sectors.

Our service level guarantee of getting completed assessments to you within 24hrs of completion enables you to add tangible value to selection processes, without slowing down selection processes in often competitive candidate markets.

New Zealand-wide coverage through a blend of online assessments and a national network of qualified psychometric practitioners in every NZ population centre, so we can test and assess your candidates and off-site staff anywhere.


Visit or call Steve Evans on 0508 736 753


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