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Culture Movers


Make an impact in your organisation

If you're a time poor doer who has the will and ability but not the support and tools to run a culture enhancing initiative, then our Culture Ketes could be just what you need.

These ketes (toolkits) are not about theory. They’re for people who want to build their skills as they do the work; knowing that they have the support and tools to back them up as they rollout an initiative.

Our Culture Ketes help you target specific areas like Wellbeing, Psychological Safety and Workloads. These toolkits provide you with predesigned steps and tools like ready made communication sets, survey's, leader support guides and incredible data and insight reports – giving you the best of both worlds, a clear way forward and a customised approach.

Culture Ketes include:

  • Insights To Attract & Retain
  • Balancing Workloads
  • Building Psychological Safety
  • Holistic Wellbeing
  • Embracing A Cultural Approach
  • And more…

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