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Since 2000, Ezypay Limited has been providing Managed Payroll Services for any New Zealand based employees.

Payroll is a highly complex field with complicated Legislation (often in conflict) requiring highly skilled people to navigate it. 

Outsourcing to Ezypay lets you focus on what you are good at, while we take care of getting your staff paid on time, every time. 

The top five reasons why you should partner with Ezypay:

  • Expertise – our payroll knowledge cannot be matched when doing payroll in-house.
  • Time – with the tools at our disposal, payroll processing reduces from hours to minutes.
  • Transparency – the level of detail we can provide ensures everyone is confident of our calculations.
  • Convenience – just give us accurate source information and we take care of everything else.
  • Compliance – we know Payroll Legislation inside out, so we make sure there are no surprises.

All are staff go through regular Professional Training and are all Certified Payroll Professionals (NZPPA). 

Independently, we also assist companies who are going through  a Labour Department Audit.

Contact Ezypay:
Justin Ryan - Director, Payroll Analyst
P: 0800 399 729


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