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Category: Learning & Development, Remuneration & Retention, Recruitment & Assessment
Region: Nationwide, Auckland

Pohlen Partners


Psychometric testing is an essential part of the selection process.

Combined with interviewing and reference checking, it provides an objective view of a prospective employee's likely strengths and weaknesses providing a more accurate prediction of performance. It is a tool to reduce the potential for bias in an interview situation and provides potential areas to question around in verbal reference checking. A selection of some of the testing we offer (online or supervised) includes:
- Cognitive ability
- Personality
- Leadership style
- Sales style
- Emotional intelligence

We place a strong emphasis on providing thorough and objective feedback to both client and candidate, and customise our reporting to suit the organisation, competencies for the role, and purpose of the testing.

For further information on our assessment services please call Nicola Pohlen on (09) 357 0570.




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