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9.00am     Welcome by MC Te Radar


9.05am     From VUCA to Woke to the Four Rs – The Evolution of the HR professional 

Mark Daldorf, perplexed HR person and CPO Airways

We have lived with a VUCA world since the day the term was coined in the 1980s in the context of the collapse of the USSR and the end of the cold war. But really, dealing with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments is something HR professionals have worked in for a number of years, but perhaps never to the scale we do today. Given this, what will the HR professional look like going forward, how will others see the role of an HR professional and how will personal success be defined? We know today’s capabilities will not be enough for next year or the year after so what’s got to change and what will still be valuable?

Mark will address how do we lead and challenge ourselves and others in a VUCA world, why being an HR professional is cool and the best gig in town and what and why are the four ‘Rs’.


9.25am     What skills do HR professionals need, now the future is here?

Anna Kingston, Learning Experience Design | Change coach | Culture Design | Learning Strategy | Online Facilitator

Anna will talk you through the key HR jobs of the future, and the skills and mindsets needed to get ready for this world which is here now.  COVID accelerated our change, how can we build on our strengths and be ready for the next HR (and world) disruption to our careers?

You will learn:

  • Link current skills to future jobs
  • Practical steps for a digitally savvy HR future.


9.40am     People Experience Practices - The 2020 Distributed Team Edition

Kirsti Grant, Director of People Experience at Auror

Kirsti will provide us with an engaging presentation covering how communication methods are evolving with different ways of working and looking at what technologies can better support our People.  Kirsti will also take a look at the ‘Big Little Things’ - What are the little things we can do that make a big impact.

Kirsti hopes that you will takeaway some simple, do-able and low-cost ideas and inspiration for enhancing PX practices   


10.00am  Humans and future tech

Melissa Crawford, GM Future Work, Vector

Melissa will talk to some new technology evolutions and the impact it will have on the future of work and therefore HR practices. In this thought provoking session Melissa aims to spark your interest in keeping up with technology trends to better support their impacts in your business.

You will hopefully walk away with some new learnings on technology innovation, some insights into the context in which they impact the future of work and an interest in building your awareness in this space.


10:20am  Social media and it’s impacts

Anna Rawhiti-Connell, Social Media Consultant, Writer, Commentator and Director

The transformation brought forth by the social media age is about more than where and how people communicate. It’s created permanent cultural change and democratised information. It’s polarising and dividing us while also providing us with spaces to unify and express ourselves. Anna will discuss this transformation, what they mean for the workplace and how they’re changing staff expectations.

Key things you will learn:

  • An understanding of the enormous cultural change heralded by social media
  • What these mean for the way you communicate with staff and the expectations they have of employers


10:40am Panel - The Digitally Savvy HR Professional

Anna Kingston, Kirsti Grant, Melissa Crawford, Anna Rawhiti-Connell

Join our previous 4 speakers to discuss further their perspectives on how HR professionals should and need to take a lead role in their digital future.  How do we use the digital world to educate, engage and lead our future HR professionals.


11.00am Morning tea


11.20am WORKSHOP: The Role of HR in Developing Thriving People

lead by Digby Scott, Leadership and Change Expert and Gillian Brookes, Social Entrepreneur

What is HR’s role in creating wellbeing? In this session, we’ll explore what it takes to create a truly thriving culture where people do the best work of their lives.

From Digby and Gillian’s session, you will take away:

  • An understanding of the wellbeing choices we’re faced with, and how to initiate conversations with leaders
  • A toolkit to strengthen wellbeing for individuals and your organisation
  • An experiment to try out in your workplace


12.00pm The Māori Workforce – The increasing importance of the Māori workforce and why HR professionals need to pay attention.

Dan Te Whenua Walker (Ngāti Ruanui, Tāngahoe, Ngā Ruahinerangi, Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairoa, Maniapoto, Tūhourangi), Cloud Infrastructure and Applications Solutions and Global Co-Chair of Indigenous at Microsoft and Helen Te Hira, General Manager Kaupapa Maori at Regional Facilities Auckland

Helen was instrumental in authoring and ensuring the adoption of Auckland Council’s Māori Employment strategy, and is an authority in the organizational responsiveness and Māori workforce development space.  Helen and Dan will share their stories on the increasing importance of the Māori workforce. Helen will outline the ’what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ organisation’s can benefit from adopting a formalized approach to their Māori workforce.

Dan will provide his personal experience and examples of how ‘the cultural tax that Māori experience can go both ways’. If Māori challenge in the right way with authenticity and respect, and the organisation has allies who are prepared to be challenged and listen, Māori can influence massive cultural change within organisations. Even the biggest company in the world like Microsoft. People will walk away with true examples of what has been achieved at Microsoft.


12.30pm Emotional Intelligence: Future-preparing our workforce

Mary-Anne Murphy, Director and Owner of and Momentum Learning Ltd

Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of leadership, of greater performance, and ultimately of a better world.

Never before has the need for emotional intelligence been so prevalent in our workplaces. We need to prepare our people to navigate their volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world, their responses to it, and to interact with others with skill and care.

Emotional intelligence is a set of deep drivers that help you understand your own emotional experience, manage that experience, and understand the emotional experiences of other people. They are skills that set the most successful men and women apart from the rest.

There are deliberate acts of leadership that as professionals, will cultivate emotional intelligence within your workforce. The time is now, we can’t wait.

By the end of this session you will understand:

  • Why Emotional Intelligence is so important for us to develop within our workforce.
  • What emotional intelligence is, and its impact when developed.
  • Deliberate acts of leadership to develop emotional intelligence in your workplaces.


1.10pm     Closing Summary – facilitated by Te Radar


1.20pm     Virtual Summit ends