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At a time when people are being tested with uncertainty, a focus on human awareness and connection has never been more important.  How do we increase our team’s effectiveness, help our people adapt to change, drive employee engagement and support diversity and inclusion amid tumultuous and sometimes disconnected workplaces?  The 3rd HR Virtual Summit, in association with Colour Code, will explore how humanity can reconnect with its purpose and leverage the power of community in this age of disruption.

We will hear from a number of organisations who embrace the diverse perspectives and experiences of their people to create meaning and purpose in the modern, changing workplace.

What you will discover:

  • Redefining what it means to be human in the workplace in the face of increasing technological dependency. 
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion for better employee engagement and performance
  • Through a workshop with Colour Code learn how the simplicity and power of Insights Discovery empowers diverse teams to connect and communicate effectively.
  • Real stories from real organisations embracing diverse skills and perspectives of their employees – how can we practically put the human back into work cultures in an age of disruption?


9.00am Welcome by MC Te Radar

9.05am Leading with Human Connection
Jo Cribb
 - Consultant
During the COVID-19 lockdown period leaders have been challenged by the loss of physical contact with their team at the same time as they’ve gained a greater glimpse into the personal lives of their people. 

Jo will give us her views about what leaders need to take from this experience and how they ensure they take forward their learnings in order to improve human connection in the workplace. 


9.25am Navigating our changing world through human reconnection
Mark Leisegang
- Director, New Markets, Insights

Mark will introduce you to the renaissance of Rediscovering Human as he explores the challenges, opportunities and actions we can take as a result of living in a disrupted world.

Mark explores how our businesses and people are being disrupted by sudden change, innovative technology, and new ways of working. As HR professionals, it is our task is to reconnect with and rediscover the traits and skills that make us uniquely human and can help us navigate our changing world. 

Today, Mark will invite the audience to stop, question, and understand why it's critical and what it means for us to rediscover the humanity in ourselves, the people we support, and our organisations. 


10.05am Ability Before Disability - The Cookie Project
Eric Chuah
, CEO, The Cookie Project
The Cookie Project is a social enterprise which employees Kiwi’s with disabilities, breaking down social stigmas around the disability community. The skills the bakers learn empower them to pursue career opportunities in mainstream organisations. CEO Eric Chuah will discuss his experience founding the Cookie Project and developing an inclusive employment framework and what Diversity & Inclusion means to him.

10.45am  Coffee Break

11.00am Workshop - Perception Precedes Reality – See the world as it is, not as you are
Nick Fifield and Simon Fowler, The Colour Code
As our would becomes increasingly automated and digitised, humans key advantage is our ability to connect with others through mutual understanding and empathy. This doesn’t come without challenges, as we all see the world from very different perspectives. It is increasingly critical for us to build our understanding of the diverse personalities within human nature, this will allow us to value difference, not reject it, approaching the challenges of our future with diverse perspectives and rediscovering what it means to be human.

In this Colour Code workshop you will learn:

  • Understand how our perception affects our communication.
  • Learn a simple but impactful model to consider diverse preferences within a team.
  • Build awareness of your unique strengths and those of others in diverse team


11.40am Panel  Discussion – Rediscovering Human in Work Cultures
In this panel discussion, facilitated by Te Radar, we introduce you to three organisations that have embedded a culture of diversity and inclusions into their organisational structure. 

  • Karen Aspey, People & Capability Manager, Bay of Plenty Regional Council
  • Anjela Dion, Learning & Development Manager, Nando's Australia
  • Dylan Weymouth, Operations Transformation Lead, The Warehouse Group

Bay of Plenty Council – Karen will showcase how the Bay of Plenty council are striving towards a platform of pay equality across teams. The council have developed a people strategy that transcends years of service and performance-based pay incentives and replaced this with a framework leveraging Daniel Pink’s: Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery factors. Karen will explain:

  • The development and history in changing past habits around pay equity
  • How the people focused framework is being rolled out
  • The reactions about the change through NPS and the “Spirit of Services” feedback.

Nando’s Australia – Anjela will introduce the audience to Nando’s inclusive culture around the 3 pillars of: Iwe and it and how this approach extends beyond the workplace and takes Diversity and Inclusion beyond the workplace. Anjela will explore:

  • Nando’s leadership framework that incorporates all aspects of Iwe and it
  • A philanthropic approach to supporting communities in Africa
  • Embedding a culture of inclusiveness in Leading Self, Teams, and the Business

The Warehouse Group – Dylan will introduce the audience to the Noel Leeming’s approach in developing a “High Performance Culture” that unlocks their people’s potential by combining custom built technology and leveraging human potential. Dylan will explore:

  • Noel Leeming’s use of a custom-built App
  • Leveraging the OILS framework
  • OTJ observations in building performance.


12.20pm Closing Summary – facilitated by Te Radar


12.30pm Continue the conversation.  Stay on to chat in breakout rooms


1.00pm Virtual Summit ends