9:00AM         Welcome
Te Radar, our MC for the Summit


9:05AM         Leveraging the value of Diversity & Inclusion in extraordinary times (20 mins)
Claire Walker, Chief People and Culture Officer, SkyCity Auckland

SkyCity is an organisation which felt the full brunt of the impact of COVID-19 as did others in the hospitality and tourism sector.  Claire will share the learnings of her organisation as they navigated the immediate need to reduce headcount and cost during the first COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand, whilst mitigating the impact on minority groups within the business.  Claire will also address how SkyCity is leveraging the value of diversity and inclusion as they begin to recover and move forward in the new realities of operating in a very different market in Australia and New Zealand.

What you will take away:

  • Practical insights into restructuring whilst maintaining a focus on diversity
  • SkyCity’s Inclusion Council – how it is structured and some considerations for making it truly effective
  • The role of the Board in supporting diversity and inclusion


9:25AM         Reward in the post-COVID era:  the myth and the reality (35 mins)
Una Diver, EY Oceania, People Advisory Services Partner

The media has been full of stories about pay cuts, unemployment and the tough post-COVID environment.  If we believe all we read, there’ll be no increases this year, incentives will be a historical concept akin to dinosaurs and unemployment will skyrocket.  Does the reality live up to the hype?  We’ll explore the facts, based on EY’s extensive database and communicate what the corporate sector is actually doing. If you’re struggling for answers about what to pay and what to budget in this complicated environment, this session is not to be missed.

You will learn:

  • Budgeting for increases – what’s the real story?
  • Are there still talent shortages, or is this a construct of the pre-COVID world?
  • What about incentives and benefits – are they a historical construct or a present reality


10:00AM        Will the WFH experiment survive post COVID-19. What the research is telling us. (40 mins)
Jarrod Haar, Professor of Human Resource Management, AUT

Using survey data from 1000 employees in April 2020 and December 2020, Jarrod’s presentation explores this data to understand how New Zealand employees across a broad range including blue-collar to white-collar workers, have experienced the Covid-19 period.

From the data Jarrod will examine the prevalence of working from home, the manner (and success) of New Zealand organisation’s support for working from home, and specific challenges identified.  Jarrod will also look at the detail of how changes across this time have impacted employees from their work outcomes (e.g., job satisfaction etc.) to their wellbeing outcomes (e.g., happiness, anxiety etc.).

Ultimately, Jarrod’s presentation will help to identify pressing HR issues for 2021 as the New Zealand economy continues to move forward in this new Covid-19 time.

What you will Learn:

  • Insights based on a large survey of New Zealand employees
  • Understanding the pressing issues and areas of less concern
  • Highlighting successful strategies used by firms to alleviate the concerns of employees


10:40AM        Morning Break (20 mins)


11:00AM       How COVID-19 and the vaccination programme might play out in 2021 – An interview with Siouxsie Wiles (20 Mins)
Siouxsie Wiles, Associate Professor, University of Auckland

Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles has a keen interest in demystifying science for the public. For over a decade she has been one of the media’s go-to scientists for science and microbiology stories in the news. She’s also a keen tweeter and in 2017 she published her first book, ‘Antibiotic resistance: the end of modern medicine? ’. She’s also collaborated with her daughter to make a kid’s show about microbiology which played on TVNZ’s online kids platform HeiHei.

You will have seen Siouxsie provide clear and logical commentary on the news during COVID and in her interview with Te Radar Siouxsie will provide some experienced commentary on how this virus and vaccinations might playout in New Zealand, and what might be next with living with COVID.

You will come away understanding:

  • what New Zealand’s vaccine portfolio is and why we have a portfolio
  • why there may be different strategies for rolling out the vaccines depending on which vaccines are approved and global events
  • how and why the virus is changing and what this might mean for our future


11:20AM       Employment Law: the issues for Employers to watch. (30 mins)
Matt Hutcheson, Associate, Duncan Cotterill’s Auckland employment and health and safety team

As we make headway into 2021, we are presented with a far more positive outlook than where we were one long year ago. While the horizon seems brighter, there is naturally some caution in leaping back into the way we used to work. Employees may be hesitant to return to work, when their employers may have genuine reasons to have them physically present. On the other hand, employers may want to be assured that employees are vaccinated, but are rightly cautious of their risk profile in seeking this assurance and acting upon that information.

In this session, Matt will discuss these unique issues in depth, and provide his thoughts on how businesses can adapt in a legally compliant manner.

What you will take away:

  • Your obligations when dealing with remote working requests, flexible working requests and refusals to return to work.
  • Questions you are/are not allowed to ask employees, and what you can/cannot do with those answers, regarding COVID-19 and vaccinations.
  • Whether you are able to refuse entry to your premises to the unvaccinated (both employees and the general public).


11:50PM       Immigration 2021: Managing Migrant Talent with the Closed Border (30 Mins)
Rachael Mason, Partner, Lane Neave Immigration

One year on from lockdown and the border is still mainly closed to non-Kiwis. What does this mean for employers who want to bring in talent from overseas?  What impact will the closed border have on employers’ ability to continue to maintain migrant worker talent already employed onshore?   In this session we will discuss what we expect to see on the immigration horizon in the coming 12 months.  We will cover the complex area of border exceptions, policy changes that have been signalled for 2021, current and expected requirements for labour market tested visa applications, INZ’s current processing capacity and the impact of all these changes on employers with migrant worker staff.

What you will takeaway:

  • A snapshot of the current immigration landscape and our expert insight into what to expect for the year ahead.  This information will be helpful for planning measures in relation to hiring and retaining migrant worker staff. 
  • We’ll also cover some of the common immigration challenges we are seeing employers face at the moment and offer our tips and tricks for navigating the visa application process.


12:20PM       Wellness in the workplace – how do we help our people maintain their resilience in the year ahead. (30 Mins)
Bridget Jelley, Director & Registered Psychologist, The Effect

In this presentation Bridget will be providing a Mental Health update and the potential things that we need to be on the look our for with our workforce in 2021. Being a huge fan of taking a preventative and proactive approach to Mental health and wellbeing, Bridget will share some strategies around how we can stay ahead of the game the best we can to protect our people at work. She will be discussing psychological and psycho-social risk and how we can take a more strategic and long term approach to keeping our people happy healthy and productive!


12:50PM       Sustainability: How COVID-19 has increased the importance of organisational sustainability. (30 mins)
Bridget Wiliams, Founder, Bead & Proceed

As we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 we’ll need to keep our organisations future sustainability firmly in our sights.  In this session you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on why sustainability is more important than ever and how we can all play in making a difference in the future.

What you will takeaway:

  • An understanding of UN sustainable development goals and why they are so important to our future.
  • Reflections on how HR professionals can influence sustainability in their workplaces.


1:20PM         Summary (10 Mins)

1:30PM         END