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We have a membership type for whatever stage you’re at in your career.

General Member

Most members fall into this category. General Members are usually people who spend most of their time doing HR work, or teaching/researching HR. They're usually practitioners or academics and can be at any level in their career. They pay the standard annual membership fee.



Members, who retire from the workforce but retain an interest in HR, and their membership with HRNZ, can become a Retired Member. Retired Members receive the same benefits as General Members however their fees are approximately around 25% of the standard annual membership fee.


Not an HR Professional? 

You don’t need to be an HR Professional to join HRNZ.

Our events, PD and resources are relevant to anyone working with people. You may be managing people, but aren’t necessarily in an HR department or doing HR work, or are a business owner or manager employing people.



Student Membership is offered to those students who are studying either full or part time (Part time work is defined as working 25 hours or less per week).

The education, learning, development and networking opportunities offered by HRNZ will add value by building your professional skills and knowledge.

Am I eligible? Evidence of current study, e.g. a valid Student ID or Enrolment Confirmation Letter as proof is all that is required. Fees are approximately 10% of the standard annual membership fee.

Click here to learn more about HRNZ's student offering.



Making the move from tertiary education to working life. Maximise professional development and networking opportunities as you embark on your HR career.

Am I eligible? Graduate Membership is for a maximum two year period immediately following graduation. Proof of graduation date and qualification must be submitted with your application. Fees are approximately 50% of the standard annual membership fee.



HRNZ Members resident in another country with an overseas address. They pay a reduced fee, (Fees are approximately 50% of the standard annual membership fee.) but with no GST applicable.


Parental Leave

Members who renew their membership, whilst on Parental Leave, may apply to change to Parental Leave Membership. This allows you to maintain your HRNZ Membership (and access all the membership benefits) at a significantly reduced fee whilst on parental leave.



Emerging Professional

The Emerging Professional Member accreditation is available to early career HR professional members.  This accreditation confirms to prospective Employers that a member has completed education and training in human resource management, has commenced a career in HR and has committed to a process of continuing professional development. Emerging Professional Members are recognised by the post-nominal EPMHRNZ.




These are people who started as General Members and have completed the Chartered application process to become recognised as being professionally competent by their peers. They have a post-nominal of CMHRNZ and can go on to become Chartered Fellows (CFHRNZ) and Distinguished Fellows (DistFHRNZ). Chartered Members pay the same membership fees as General Members.


Chartered Fellow status may be granted to approved Chartered HRNZ members. It provides proof that the member has met the requirements of the ‘Competent’ level of the HRNZ HR Competencies, are recognised by their peers as senior HR practitioners who are highly skilled and knowledgeable.

HRNZ members who meet the criteria for Chartered Fellow must demonstrate that they have given outstanding service to their organisation(s), the HR profession or have brought distinction to it over and above others working under the same conditions and environment. Chartered Fellows are recognised by the post-nominal CFHRNZ.


Organisation Package

HRNZ's Organisation Membership package is available for teams of 5 or more people. A key benefit is the ability to transfer membership when staff members leave or change roles.

For more information please contact Steve Mooney (Membership Manager) via email


Membership fees

The fees cover you for 1 year (12 months) from the date of your application or renewal unless you are on Monthly Payment Option. Fees are set on 1 April each year.

Type of MembershipFee (incl GST unless stated)

General & Chartered

$ 445.00


$ 220.00 

(Proof of graduation date and qualification must be submitted with your application)


$ 44.51

(Evidence of current study, e.g. a valid Student ID or Enrolment Confirmation Letter as proof is all that is required and must be working 25 hours or less per week)


$ 191.30 ex GST
(Overseas address required)


$ 110.00

Parental Leave$ 110.00
Organisation Package$ By enquiry