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Shaping the Future of HR in Aotearoa, New Zealand

What is The Path?

Developed specifically for the unique demands on HR practitioners in Aotearoa, New Zealand, the new capability framework - The Path, takes the best of our current framework and integrates these within the factors that we believe to be fundamental to allowing HR to lead now and into the future.  

The Path framework consists of three elements that together, outline what excellence in HR looks like over a number of different levels from a basic delivery level, through to a strategic governance level. These three elements are:

  • The Core Capabilities, 6 elements that sit at the heart of our framework and capture the essence of good HR practice,
  • The Capability Levels, which outline different levels that an HR practitioner can operate in across their roles and in their careers, and
  • The Domains of Knowledge, which represent the different specialist areas of HR.


To print out the Framework and Detailed Core Capabilities by Levels, please click the button below.

Detailed Core Capabilities by Levels

To explore each element, please click the tiles below!

How can you use The Path?

We’ve specifically built The Path to meet the needs of many different stakeholders, without compromising on delivering a tool for busy and knowledgeable HR practitioners. Ultimately, The Path helps us explore what great HR practice looks like through the demonstration of the six core capabilities, but there are a number of different ways this insight can be used.  

The Path can help: 

  • Individual practitioners at any stage of their careers identify their current level of capability and plan their development  
  • Leaders as a development and planning tool, to identify their teams' strengths and areas to grow their capability 
  • Recruiters and hiring managers identify the key capabilities, create clear and realistic role profiles, assess candidates and build job descriptions 
  • Business owners or non-HR folks to understand what expertise they may need when recruiting an HR expert to deliver on operational and strategic outcomes 

For more information on how these and other common users might get the most out of The Path, check out our handy User Guide below.

The Path - User Guide


Applying the Capability Framework 

To bring The Path to life, we’ve created a series of fictional HR professionals that you can explore by clicking on the Personas tile on the right. 

The Path Card Decks

You can take your utilisation of the framework to the next level with our interactive card deck, which is now available for purchase. The cards are a tool to help professionals with career development, workforce planning, role creation, descripting writing, and more!

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