Individual Categories

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HR Generalist of the Year

This Award seeks to acknowledge individuals who exhibit excellence through a range of different disciplines. Their title may extend beyond HR, but they will show a track record of HR work requiring capability across a number of HR disciplines.
Eligibility: At least 4 years experience in an HR Practitioner role (employed in HR roles since 2016 or earlier) and are currently in a HR generalist position.


HR Specialist of the Year

This Award seeks to acknowledge individuals who demonstrate excellence in a specific HR discipline. Entries in the category will be from individuals who have developed a reputation as a go to expert in their chosen speciality and will be working at the leading edge of new HR practice.
Eligibility: At least 4 years experience in an HR practitioner role (employed in HR roles since 2016 or earlier) and are regarded as a leader and specialist in their chosen field of expertise.


Emerging HR Practitioner of the Year 

Recognises those who are in the early stages of their human resources career. This award focuses on identifying emerging talent, demonstrated in a generalist role.
Eligibility: HR practitioners with less than four years experience (commencing work in an HR role in 2017 or later).


Leadership Award

Recognises an individual who has shown outstanding leadership for the HR profession through either leading the implementation of exemplary practice within their own organisation or through their contribution to the profession overall in New Zealand.


Lifetime Achievement Award - in association with Strategic Pay

This prestigious award recognises the significant achievements of a career HR Professional who is considered a true leader. This recipient of this award is decided by the HRNZ Board.


HR Person of the Year - in association with HRNZ

Supreme Award selected from the individual award winners [except Lifetime Achievement Award].


Organisation Categories


Award for Diversity and Inclusion

Recognises excellence in identifying and acting in a way that shows that a “one size fits all” approach to managing people does not achieve fairness and equity of opportunity for everyone. Good people practices demand that people priorities are both consistently fair but also flexible and inclusive in ways that are designed to support business needs.


Best Wellness Programme

Recognises outstanding initiatives and/or strategies promoting the health, safety and wellbeing of employees in their workplace.


Award for Learning and Development Capability - in association with Open Polytechnic

Recognises excellence in training and development initiatives that have contributed significantly and strategically to organisational capability outcomes.


Organisational Change and Development - in association with Lee Hecht Harrison

Recognises excellence in initiatives that demonstrate innovation and a responsible approach to organisational change and development.


Award for Talent Acquisition - in association with Aims Global Immigration

Recognises outstanding initiatives and strategies used within an organization to respond to talent shortages. Submissions will be from organisations that have formulated and implemented innovative strategies for attracting talent to their organisation.


Technology Award

Recognises the successful implementation of a new technology solution to address an HR or people management challenge within the organisation.


Award for HR Innovation

Recognises applicants who have introduced a new HR policy, practice or initiative not previously seen in New Zealand or who have taken an existing approach or used an existing product or service in a novel or unique way. The award also recognises initiatives or strategies which support/create a culture that stimulates and harnesses innovation.


HRNZ Branch of the Year 

Recognises the HRNZ Branch that has demonstrated the greatest success at delivering networking and learning opportunities to members at a local level whilst building the future strength of the Branch.