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Serious about your future in HR?

Apply for HRNZ's new Emerging Professional Member accreditation to demonstrate your commitment to becoming a leading HR professional.

The Emerging Professional Member accreditation is available to early career HR professionals.  This accreditation confirms to prospective Employers that a member has completed education and training in human resource management, has commenced a career in HR and has committed to a process of continuing professional development.  It also signals a commitment to the HRNZ code of practice for human resource professionals in New Zealand.

Emerging Professional Member Profiles


Note: As HRNZ developed a new Capability Framework for HR Professionals - The Path to replace our old Competency Framework (Kahikatea, Ka Taea), our Professional Accreditation application process is being reviewed and will be updated.

To achieve accreditation as an Emerging Professional Member you must be a current financial member of HRNZ and able to provide evidence of the following:

  • Education and training in at least six of the HR Delivery competencies. This can be through academic study at a tertiary institution or participation in HRNZ professional development courses.
  • At least 18 months experience in an HR role involving practice in at least two of the HR delivery competency areas.
  • Completion of the equivalent of 30 CPD points in the 12 months preceding application.
  • Completion of the HRNZ Code of Practice module.
  • A letter of reference from an employer or Chartered Member of HRNZ.


The HR Delivery Competency Areas at an Emerging Professional level are:

  • Resourcing: Has assisted and supported an organisation in the application of employee recruitment and selection methodologies including job analysis, writing job descriptions, competency profiles and interviewing potential candidates.
  • Learning and development: Involvement with identifying the training and development needs of individuals in an organisation.
  • Performance management: Involvement with the administration of the organisation’s performance management system.
  • Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS): Has developed an awareness and understanding of how HR systems can be used to enhance the HR deliverables within an organisation.
  • Remuneration and reward: Assisted with the administration and application of organisational remuneration and reward systems and policies
  • Cultural awareness and diversity management: Has developed an understanding of organisational culture and how to build a more effective culture through interventions
  • Change management: Has been involved in a change management process.
  • Health, safety, and wellbeing: involvement with the administration of organisational health, safety and wellbeing systems
  • Legal compliance: has developed awareness of employment law and its application to an organisation’s policies, processes and systems to achieve legal compliance.
  • Employment relations: involvement with individual or collective bargaining, including union relationships.
  • HR policy development: Has worked on the development or amendment of HR policies within an organisation.


Emerging Professional Members are entitled to use the post nominal EPMHRNZ.

Achieving this accreditation places members on a pathway to working towards Chartered Membership status in the future.  It provides an acknowledgement that an individual is serious about pursuing a career in the human resource management field and is undertaking continuing professional development in support of that.


Applicants for the Emerging Professional accreditation are required to agree to the following commitments as a part of their application:

Commitment Statement

In applying for accreditation as an Emerging Professional of HRNZ, I confirm I have reviewed and understood the HRNZ Code of Practice and make the following commitments:

  1. To at all times conduct myself with the utmost professional and personal integrity and accountability, consistent with the highest ethical standards and recognising the trust and responsibility vested in me as an HR professional.
  2. Respect always the professional and personal reputations of other members of the HR profession and HRNZ itself – and, in particular, not do, or cause or permit to be done, anything which is likely to bring HRNZ into disrepute or is otherwise inconsistent with any of the standards set out in the Code of Practice.
  3. Actively support and encourage diversity in HR practice and within HRNZ.
  4. Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to continuing professional development, in order both to retain currency of skills and knowledge and to serve as an example to all colleagues.
  5. Actively promote, generally, the highest standards of HR practice.

When you believe you are ready to apply, please download and complete the application form and send to [email protected] along with supporting documentation.

Application Form

Application Guidelines

Code of Practice Module