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Member survey report: Vaccination Policies and Annual/Sick Leave considerations

A recent Member survey revealed common top-of-mind challenges facing HR professionals, dealing with considerations relating to COVID vaccinations and managing Annual Leave and Sick Leave...

As we near the 2 million inoculations mark as a nation, Aotearoa stands in a place that the rest of the world still no doubt envies. But that’s not to say we should be taking things lightly or taking our eyes off the prize of elimination, nor does it mean it’s all smooth sailing.

As the vaccination becomes available to the population, many of us will begin to address what some industries have been grappling with over the last few months – how should we deal with vaccinations

We were thrilled with the number of responses from the survey, it’s given us a great idea of where members are at and what their top-of-mind challenges are.

Common top-of-mind challenges:

  • Over 70% of respondents don’t have a formal vaccination policy.
  • Less than 10% have mandated vaccinations for staff.
  • Most respondents encourage staff to get vaccinated, but do not mandate it.
  • Some respondents are in the process of writing a vaccination policy.
  • Almost half the respondents have full manager discretion around people working from home while sick.

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