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Vaccines - Dealing with misleading or false information in your workplace

Take care what you share

Not everything online is factual and accurate. We can quickly and subconsciously accept news that aligns with our beliefs and negatively react to information that is different. It’s important to take time and reflect when you read something about the COVID-19 vaccine, before acting.

Social media companies typically use algorithms to pick up false and misleading information. You may have seen a flag or small message on certain posts advising that the information is related to COVID-19 and will link you to a trusted source. These aren’t 100% fool proof. It’s important to remain vigilant with the information you share or post online. Always cross-check and review anything online regarding the vaccine by using the reliable sources listed below. 

If you need to communicate with your employees about the vaccine rollout, CERT NZ provides guidance for appropriate ways workplaces can do this.

Technical guidance about COVID-19 vaccine communications in the workplace(external link) – CERT NZ


Get the facts

Accurate and reliable information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Aotearoa can be found here:


For more information please visit the website.